Show Love for Your Business with Managed Print Services

Happy Valentine’s Day! So no doubt this week you’ve heard plenty of trendy new ways to show your sweetheart how you feel. You can send her a custom-made teddy bear or some fancy pajamas. But a National Retail Federation survey reveals the top two gifts men get for women every February. Can you guess them? Of course you can: flowers and candy. So—what does that have to do with managed print services?

Plenty. I’m guessing that your business is pretty close to your heart every day of the year. And the lessons of Valentine’s Day can help you show it some real love. Because, while there are plenty of trendy new ways to communicate with customers and prospects through digital and other channels, print remains the most effective and the most impactful. It needs to be in the mix. And managed print services make the process of designing, printing and distributing printed materials a bed of roses.

Managed Print Services Keeps Print Producing for You

I’ve featured several posts in recent weeks that demonstrate the importance of print. Just last week, I talked about how even those digital-loving millennials find print more valuable. Many companies once veered away from print in favor of electronic messages and social media campaigns, perhaps thinking they were cheaper and easier. But since then, many have found that those efforts lacked the substance (and response) of their print counterparts.

And thanks to managed print services, the supply, purchase, procurement and fulfillment of print and promotional products is extremely cost efficient. Advanced technologies have put the power of compelling printed materials and great-looking promotional products back in the marketing toolbox for smart organizations.

Managed Print Services Cuts Costs and Add Efficiency

Businesses today are able to manage their print needs through automated technologies that have changed the print playing field. One, for example, is electronic print management and procurement systems. These allow businesses to create a centralized platform to serve many people and purposes. The system allows any number of designated personnel from facilities across town or across the country to access, customize (if you allow it), print and take distribution of pre-approved print materials. Print Management and Procurement from Superior Business Solutions

These technologies can be applied to print projects in many ways. First, they are a big advantage in creating the business forms used daily by employees and salespeople in the field. But these systems also can handle print and collateral materials designed to aid in the selling effort at every stage. We know print works. And managed print services help print work even better for your business.

Don’t forget promotional products, either. (Not long ago, I posted a series on how those can be the most effective form of advertising when it comes to influencing customers and prospects.) Managed print services can help you make better promotional plans, choose better promotional items, and finally, source them to ensure the best quality at the best possible price.

Superior Managed Print Services

At Superior Business Solutions, we have led the way in many of these advanced managed print technologies. Corporate Kiosk™ is a versatile online portal that saves you and your employees’ time and stress, and ensures your field and office people get exactly what they need when they need it. E(c3) print procurement allows us to use our expertise to source your project to the best choices from thousands of tested vendors to ensure quality, but take advantage of market opportunities to achieve favorable pricing.

Our ISO certification is an indication that we are committed to delivering quality products and services. And our recent 2017 Best of Print & Digital award, earned through ranking by our customers, is objective evidence that we are living up to that commitment.

For managed print services that will help you and your business succeed, contact us today or reach out to one of our award-winning sales reps and ask for a free 15-minute managed print services review.

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