How to Create an Online Company Store for Employees

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on August 18, 2020

How to Create an Online Company Store for Employees
A One-stop Shop for Non-stop Efficiency

You’ve heard me talk about it before. I think an online company store for employees is a terrific idea. And I often sing the praises of our Corporate Kiosk™ as an outstanding way to build one.

But it occurs to me that many businesses are missing a great opportunity to get much more than they think from a company store.

Here’s why.

The word “store” conjures up images of merchandise. And certainly, an online company store for employees is the ideal place to house and distribute promotional items such as logo apparel and company-branded merchandise.

THIS Company Store Stocks Efficiency

A smart company makes it easy to access promotional items that build brand visibility and employee loyalty. But think about an online company store for employees that goes far beyond that.

Imagine an online company store that is also a company-wide purchasing and distribution center for all print as well as promotional items. That includes a multitude of printed pieces used in the daily functioning of your business.

Those include:

  • marketing materials
  • promotional literature
  • corporate identity
  • business forms
  • sales and order forms
  • contracts
  • labels
  • other supplies you use in the daily functioning of your business
  • PPE for Coronavirus

Can We Get There from Here?

It might sound intimidating if you have the traditional view of an online company store for employees.  But it’s easier than you think to make it happen.

Hint: don’t make the mistake of tasking your IT people with it simply because it involves web-based procurement through an online portal. It’s not their specialty – and this is one wheel that needs no re-inventing.

A Superior Way to Start a Company Store

It’s easy to “get there from here” as long as “here” is Superior!

Our Corporate Kiosk technology was created for exactly this purpose. It is designed to house and deliver all the items mentioned above as needed throughout your enterprise, from one to unlimited locations.

You maintain full control of the content of all forms and documents involved.

And you also have total control of the costs of printing and distributing them.

No cost overruns due to rogue or inexperienced employee involvement. (And no wasted time by those employees, either.)

And when you work with Superior, you get lots of help to work that store. We’ll assign you an Outside Sales Rep and an Inside Customer Service Rep to guide you through the set-up, then follow through with you to make sure that productivity actually happens.

Put A Century of Experience Behind Your New Company Store

Superior has been helping businesses thrive for nearly 100 years, using advanced technologies and solid, proactive customer service. (In fact, our ISO certification virtually requires it.)

And four straight Best of Print and Digital awards give us an excellent “proof point” since they are based entirely on reviews from our customers.

Contact Superior or your Superior sales consultant and ask for help in creating the perfect online company store for employees. We’ll help you build one that stores not only promotional items and printed pieces but also peak productivity for your organization.

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