The Need for PPE for Coronavirus is Real and We Can Help You Meet It

Today, I’m going to cut to the chase. In the situation we’re dealing with, time is everything. And so is cooperation and support. Right now, nursing and retirement homes, facility food services, and many other essential businesses are stepping up to carry us through the coronavirus pandemic safely. And the dedication and commitment of their employees is inspirational.

But those employees need protection, through personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep them safe. And that can be hard to come by right now. I’m proud to say we can help.

We have been working relentlessly to maintain and open new supply chains in order to source personal protective gear for organizations that need them.

We’ve even helped partners pivot to manufacturing PPE and been mentioned multiple times in the news (once by the governor of Michigan) for our efforts. 

In-demand PPE Items for Coronavirus are In-stock for You

It’s a question on everyone’s lips these days. How can we source the PPE we need? And to be sure, the situation is fluid. But we have access to trusted vendors who can supply all the things you hear mentioned on the news every day. (For example, more and more localities are encouraging—or even mandating—face masks for everyday use now.)

We are ready, willing, and able to source the PPE for COVID-19 your business needs.

The list features face masks and hand sanitizer that both consumers and employees can use to “slow the spread” But it also includes items like face masks, shields, and goggles.

What Items, Exactly?

Below some of the PPE items for COVID, we can source. Many of them can be customized with your logo as a clear sign to employees and customers that you care greatly for their health and wellbeing.

  1. Customized Hand Sanitizer to Fight Coronavirus Customized Hand Sanitizer to Fight Coronavirus

Available in many sizes, from individual bottles to gallon containers. Liquid sanitizer is also available in 275 or 330 gallon totes with metal cage as well as tanker-truck sized shipments. High percentage alcohol content does the job and helps keep hands from being virus-delivery tools. You can’t have too much on hand right now to protect their hands.

  1. Custom Hand Wipes for COVID-19

Like sanitizer, hand wipes directly combat the viral spread by cleaning hands and any surface desired. Several package sizes and formats, from individually wrapped to large-quantity containers.

  1. Goggles for Coronavirus Pandemic

It’s no secret that the face and head are danger zones for becoming infected. Goggles can protect the vulnerable eye region from sprays, splashes, and inadvertent hand contacts. Available in various styles with PC glass lenses.

  1. Gloves for COVID Safety

Disposable gloves are in high demand, for obvious reasons. We have access to latex, vinyl and nitrile medical examination gloves in large quantities.

  1. Face Masks for COVID-19Face Masks and Goggles and Face Shields for COVID-19

Face masks, with very good reason, are a “hot button” in battling the coronavirus and helping to slow the spread when used by employees, facility residents, and others. We have channels that can supply a wide variety of types and styles, from washable and reusable fabric masks, respirator masks and disposable cloth models.

We also offer masks for medical use complete with certification.

Masks are strongly recommended for the general population and employees of essential businesses. We also offer IN-STOCK branded face masks with your logo.

  1. Face Shields for Coronavirus

We can also source face shields, constructed of food-grade clear plastic. An excellent source of protection for essential business employees with significant public interface, and consumers who want a margin of safety when using a drive-through or making a grocery run.

It is also good to plan for after the COVID-19 crisis eases. There will likely be no “hard” ending. These PPE items will be in demand for a significant period as your employees ease back into the workplace and your customers venture back into retail and other businesses.

Your ability to provide such items if requested can help you win back business sooner and rebuild employee and customer loyalty in the process.

PPE Can Protect People AND Your Business During Coronavirus Pandemic

What you say to customers and employees is important. But what you do will go a lot further to protect your company’s reputation. The problem is it can be a frustrating exercise trying to acquire PPE for customers and employees.

Superior is ready and able to source the items your business needs. That includes not only the protective equipment above but also the labels, flags, banners, and signage to let everyone know your business is open and ready to serve.

By now, you know about our ISO certification and Best of Print and Digital awards. I only mention them now as extra evidence that we have the systems in place and a long (nearly 100 years) track record of coming through when others can’t or won’t.

Pricing and availability change daily in this environment, but all will be confirmed once an order is placed. We will take care of everything. Contact Superior today for customized PPE for the coronavirus like hand sanitizer and wipes, goggles, gloves, face masks, and shields…and these essentials.

A call to Superior is the most reliable way to change feelings of helplessness into confidence.

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