For Ad Specialty Promotional Items, Success is in Store

Chances are good that you have some ad specialty promotional items that promote your corporate identity and messaging, that makes sense. They are useful for team-building with employees, partners and associates. And they can be business-building when well-chosen and used appropriately for customers and prospects. That’s where an online company store for custom company promotional items can prove invaluable.

Imagine having a carefully selected group of promotional items ready for simple ordering and reliable fulfillment. That’s what a company store can do. And it brings big benefits. First, it ensures quality and consistency. Secondly, it removes the stress and wasted time from the process. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it maximizes the benefits your business receives from promotional items.

A To-Do List for Creating an Online Company Store

A company store (at least one with the advantages I mentioned) doesn’t just happen. So here’s a short game plan that should help you get results.

  1. Choose a Partner Wisely

Promotional items aren’t your main business, so you need to align with a company or organization who deals with them every day. Choose a partner that can demonstrate a clear grasp of technology and a true commitment to their customers. You can determine that from a potential partner’s longevity in the business and a track record of customer satisfaction via their Net Promoter Score (NPS).

  1. Perform a Promotional Item Audit

Your partner should very proficient at this. But first, you’ll want to conduct a broad and thorough assessment of all your current (and potential) promotional product needs. If you follow the “only-when-we-have-to-have-them” model, I’d suggest being more creative and proactive. Figure out how promotional items might help you gain awareness, extend your brand, and help solve business problems.

Let your thinking go beyond the obvious trade shows, golf outings and other major events. Don’t forget the role promotional items can play in employee motivation and awards programs and more. Be creative. And don’t forget, studies have shown promotional items to be the most effective form of advertising you can use.

  1. Choose Your Promotional Items

The right partner is critical here; choose one with a wide and deep network of qualified suppliers. That not only ensures that you have more choices, but that your order will be fulfilled accurately, on time and always at the greatest value to you.

You also benefit from the greater variety of ad specialty promotional items to choose from.  An experienced partner armed with proven research can help you with choosing the most appropriate and appealing promotional products; in consideration of your industry, your event, and even your geographic region. Creativity is right up there with quality and timeliness in terms of making an impact. Don’t overlook that part.

  1. Choose a Scalable and User-friendly Platform

Think enterprise-wide as you choose a partner and program. You may need the ability to customize choices or make your company store accessible to multiple locations. In addition, your accounting department may appreciate automated and real-time purchase tracking and accountability if different departments and locations will be accessing the store.

Today’s advanced technologies make an online company store an easily-managed tool. Authorized employees in different locations and with differing needs can choose items from a menu of pre-approved choices. Your employees are pleased with the simplicity of the task. You will certainly appreciate the consistency across your organization, and the cost control it inherently brings.

Your Best Promotional Product Partnership

What’s the takeaway from all this? In essence, you have to get the details right to develop an online company store that successfully moves your business forward. Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate the process yourself. Our network of nearly 2,000 qualified suppliers is at your disposal and our technology includes the best platform available.

Contact Superior today at the link atop this page and ask for a demo of our Ad Specialty Corporate Kiosk™ online company store, and one of our ISO certified, award-winning sales reps will get in touch. For almost 100 years we have been helping businesses like yours save time and increase efficiencies. We would be honored to have the opportunity to help yours.

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