Big Orders Can Be Big Challenges With the Wrong Partner

I bet you could find at least one pen with a logo or marketing message on it within easy reach right now. That’s because custom pens are one of thee most popular promotional items. Promotional pens are useful and inexpensive. If you want your customers and prospects to keep your brand in their minds, holding it in their hands is a pretty good start.

When you decide to promote your brand with promotional pens, you’ll find plenty of companies willing to help. They might be very capable of fulfilling typical orders and providing a fairly good quality product. But if you need numerous promotional pens, or custom pens with specific features, you can probably pencil in some drama … but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Pen Problems Pop Up Quickly

Perhaps you want a particular type of pen, such as one with a metal clip, or a pen with a particular color of ink. That can get pretty tricky, especially in quantities into the tens of thousands or more. That’s because overseas production is often involved and in the hands of an inexperienced supplier, things can go very wrong, very quickly.

  • Miscommunication about logo placement and other details can ruin entire orders
  • Quality and consistency of the pens can suffer
  • Delivery dates can become “targets” rather than reliable promises
  • Snags in manufacturing, shipment and distribution can turn four months into six or more with little notice

The Point: Experience Counts in Custom Pens

These problems are far less likely to arise when you work with an experienced provider who knows this territory. The right pen partner offers you:

  1. Custom Solutions.

The exact pen you’re looking for, with just the right features.

Creative Custom Logo Pen

  1. Trusted Manufacturers

Suppliers with proven track records for reliability.

  1. Quality Testing

 Consistent quality, from the first pen to the 10,000th pen.

  1. Hassle-Free Overseas Shipping

With a long history of experience, logistics aren’t a problem.

  1.  Customer Service

A representative committed to your satisfaction from order through delivery.

Get Your Pens with Peace of Mind

Superior Business Solutions is uniquely qualified to make your promotional pen experience a positive one. Our relationships with quality providers will ensure that your project goes to the right vendor, based on your artwork and product choices. You get the quality you require at the best possible cost.

But remember, sourcing the pens is only half the battle; getting them to where they need to go can also be challenging. That’s where our online company store for employees, we call: Corporate Kiosk™ can be a huge help with e-procurement technology. Your people in multiple locations across town or across the country can be authorized to order and take delivery of quantities of the approved pen as needed.

We’ve been helping businesses do business more efficiently for nearly 100 years. Our ISO certification is your assurance that it doesn’t happen by accident. And our second consecutive Best of Print and Digital award shows our customers appreciate the results.

Contact Superior today with the link atop this page to learn how we can help boost your business with custom promotional products, printing services and many other exceptional marketing tools.

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