Thanks Again…and Again and Again and Again for Our Fourth Print WIN!

It was tempting to start this post with “we did it again.” But that would be shallow–and wrong.  I am proud, however, to announce that for the fourth consecutive year, Superior Business Solutions has been recognized with a “Best of Print and Digital®” award for our print management services. But it wasn’t all our doing – for the most part, it was yours, in two ways.

First, the award itself is based on survey results from our customers. Thank you for all your kind comments. And we appreciate your willingness to provide positive feedback to the research firm.


If we aren’t partners yet, we would like to show you how it feels to receive this kind of Superior customer service. Be sure to read all the way to the end for a FREE offer. 

But this award was also made possible by your continued confidence in us. You continue to trust us to meet and exceed your needs for print projects and promotional gifts. Thank you for that, too.

Butler Street the Road to Success

The Best of Print and Digital program is conducted by Butler Street, a management consulting, training and research firm. The program uses benchmarking data and results gathered from the customers of companies in many industries.


The process awards each company in an industry a “Net Promoter Score® (NPS).” That score essentially measures the percentage of positive customer ratings, then subtracts neutral or negative evaluations to get a “net” score. The system is widely regarded as the most accurate indicator of client loyalty.

“It is no secret that customer experience is the new battleground for business. This year’s winners have clearly demonstrated that they consistently win that battle,” said Mike Jacoutot, Butler Street’s founder and managing partner.


Proud History, Bright Future

This award again places Superior in the top one half of one percent of companies in our industry. It’s very satisfying to know that the company started by my grandfather in 1924 is still doing such great work nearly 100 years later.


We started out creating print solutions that delivered success. And we’ve been getting the job done right for each client ever since. Our ISO certification requires that. But I think the personal attitudes and commitment of our people are an even better guarantee that you will have a very positive experience.


My brother Bill English, CEO of Superior, thinks so too.

“Winning ‘Best of Print and Digital’ a fourth time is a measurable testament to the valuable skill set each member of our company possesses. The knowledge that our Superior team brings to the table adds to our clients’ bottom lines and helps make their workdays easier. After almost 100 years in business, our technology may have changed, but our employees remains a constant reminder of our commitment to deliver an outstanding customer experience.” – Bill English, CEO of Superior Business Solutions

Aiming for Five Stars Today, for the Next Century, and Beyond


Simply put, after almost 100 years in business, we’re not taking our foot off the gas. Our people aren’t resting on any laurels. They are focused on helping customers grow their business.  We certainly have to stay focused to live up to kind words offered by our clients like Jeannie Coleman.

“Excellent service. Friendly staff. Perfect products. Great prices. Very easy to work with. I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.”  – Jeannie Coleman, Superior Business Solutions client.

If we aren’t partners yet, we would like to show you how it feels to receive our kind of Superior customer service. Contact Superior today for a free print management review. And if you are currently working with us, and we somehow have not gone through the print supply chain process review with your organization yet, be sure to reach out for the offer.

I can assure you we’re not celebrating by slacking. Our people are hard at work, doing what they do best to help your company perform at its best. And helping to make sure I get to write another post like this next year.

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