Better Marketing Choices = Less Worry and More Money In Your Pocket!

Ever hear of John Wanamaker? He was an early marketing legend that started (among other things) a retail chain that eventually became part of Macy’s. He is credited with saying “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”

If he were still here, today’s column would be for him. Because I’m going to provide you a shortlist of marketing ideas that really do pay off in a big way.

The Payoff: Boosting Sales, Saving Time, Spending Less

Don’t you wish you could say that about all your marketing investments? Of course. But good news – you can say it about all these.

5 Investments in Marketing That Pay Off BIG!

  1. Promotional Items

    This one is like Miracle-Gro® for your business. Surveys have shown promotional items are the most valued form of advertising. People who receive them keep them around for a while. They remember who provided them.

    Best of all, consumers are more likely to do business with a company that gives them a promotional item.

    A waste? Hardly! I’d call that a big win.

    Use promotional items to solidify client relationships, move prospects closer to a sale, and spread awareness of your company far and wide.

    Provide promo to employees to keep your teams connected, build loyalty and company spirit.

  2. A Company Store

    This one saves money and valuable employee time.

    By establishing an online company store, you make it easy for employees to order business forms, labels, promotional materials, PPE, and dozens of other items easily through an online portal.

    All materials have been pre-approved for their use, so they get the correct materials without having to order from scratch, which can waste money and risk costly mistakes.

    It’s also a great way to offer employees logo wear to show off your company. And those promo items we talked about earlier? Your employees can get those to distribute to clients and prospects from your company store, too, keeping costs and quality in control.

    And you get the BEST pricing always as your business will never miss a flash sale and deal as they are added as they occur.

  3. Marketing Enablement

    If you’re not using marketing enablement tools, you are missing a number of force multipliers for your business.

    Each of these tech tactics smoothes the path toward sales.

    • Variable print marketing technologies allow you to customize the contents of printed pieces in order to address the issues most important to each customer. When you provide specific answers instead of generalized “sell” copy, you stoke interest and overcome obstacles as (or before) they arise.
    • Direct mail marketing puts engaging, credible sales materials in the hands of your best prospects. Those materials give your business a physical presence that offers substance and longevity that a fleeting digital message cannot.
    • Email marketing, done properly, cuts through the electronic clutter and works well as part of a coordinated effort that includes physical direct mail and other components. We can certainly help with that “done properly” part.
    • Mobile is critical. What do you use more, your smartphone or your computer? Enough said. If your marketing enablement efforts don’t include tactics that generate a response on that platform, you will miss out. Often.

    There are many other effective sales enablement tools. They include personal URLs and microsites, specialized applications for social media, SMS texting, and more.

    We understand them better than anyone. After all, we’ve been helping businesses close sales more effectively for nearly 100 years. Keep that in mind when anyone else claims “experience.”

  4. QR Codes – Portals to Profit

    Do people use QR codes? YES! Now more than ever.

    QR codes are really just another marketing enablement tool, but I wanted to give them special attention.

    Remember a few years ago when people were asking, “Are QR codes dead?” Well, QR codes are more important than ever in 2021, as I mentioned in a recent post that discussed 7 ways smart brands use QR codes.

    QR codes turn every printed piece into a Star-Trek-style transporter room, taking you to a website, a catalog, a personalized URL or microsite, a directional map, or a dozen other places that will help you close the sale.

    When you can turn any piece of marketing literature – even a business card – into a multimedia marketing campaign, why wouldn’t you?

  5. A Golf Tournament

    Even if you’ve never taken this on, now might be the time. People are “chomping at the bit” to get outside and do things together. And that includes your customers, employees, and best prospects.

    Our current golf tournament planning guide will give you step-by-step directions!

    We can help you work through all details, including the set-up, and how to collaborate with other partners to sponsor the many promotional items you’ll want to provide.

    My personal opinion? Regardless of what business you are in, the people you invite will be more grateful than ever before.

    And if you don’t think that’s good for business, you’re missing a two-foot putt!

A Call to Superior Will Pay Off Big

I’m confident that a call to Superior will pay off big for your organization.

We’ve just earned our fifth consecutive Best of Print and Digital award – based entirely on the reviews our customers provided when asked by an objective survey group. And our ISO certification means we never stray from the processes that helped us earn those positive reviews.

Contact Superior or your award-winning Superior sales rep today to invest in marketing that really does pay off.

Let’s just say if John Wanamaker were here today, he’d be our best customer.

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