Be FOREwarned – It’s Our Best Guide Ever!

It’s a week early for St. Patrick’s Day—but it’s the perfect time to talk about “greens” of another kind. That’s because we’ve just released our new 2021 Golf Outing Planning Guide and Checklist for Corporate and Charity Golf Events. And I can’t imagine a better resource for getting your business in the game.

If you already hold a regular golf outing or tournament, you know this. But for those who don’t, a golf event is the perfect vehicle for many different business objectives, including

  • Creating a memory and positive “vibe” for customers and key prospects
  • Promoting your business to hundreds of potential customers
  • Thanking good customers, partners and employees for their efforts
  • Creating “face time” and networking opportunities to build and strengthen relationships with those important to growing your business

And here’s the terrific part: we’ve updated our golf planning guide to make it easier than ever. 

Why a Golf Tournament Planning Guide and Checklist? Is it That Complicated?

No, but there are numerous details that need to be addressed and decided upon early on to ensure that your event comes off smoothly and accomplishes everything you want it to. The guide will help you work through these six important decision steps (and more) along the way.

  1. Choosing Your Team

    Decide who will help you. A committee? A set of key employees? Enlist the help and expertise of the people you need. Figure that out up front.

  1. Determining Your Goals

    As mentioned above, there are lots of reasons to hold a tournament. Is it primarily to thank employees? Build business? Support a charity? Or just have fun? (And there’s nothing wrong with that!)

  1. Setting a Budget

    The earlier the better. Venue, prizes, giveaways, and events all carry costs. Knowing the budget up front helps you make smarter decisions. It also gives you a head start on rounding up sponsors to help defray some or all of those costs.

  1. Picking the Venue

    All golf courses are not the same. The guide will help you determine whether you choose a public or private course, based on difficulty and perceived value. (Hint: Picking a course with a PGA pro on staff will help in many ways.)

  1. Deciding on the Number of Players

    This is based on how many the course can accommodate, but also on how many people you want to invite (and how many are likely to take you up on the offer).

  1. Choosing the Format

    Sure, “scrambles” are the most popular outing format. But depending upon your guest list, perhaps best ball, stroke play or a “match” format would be more memorable.

Creating an Exceptional Event

The guide isn’t just about avoiding slip-ups. It’s about maximizing the benefits your organization gets from holding a golf tournament.  Your guests may play in several tournaments each year. How do you get them to remember yours most fondly?

The right course and format will help. But you also need to make sure players have a great time. Our 2020 Golf Outing Planning Guide for Corporate and Charity Golf Events (link to guide above) has plenty of ideas there.  Special events around the course give guests a chance to win extra prizes. And they’ll really be impressed with high-value items in the “swag bag” every participant receives.

By inviting other businesses to participate, you can get many of those expenses covered.  Some will sponsor various on-course (and putting green) competitions where players can win extra prizes for hitting the green, longest drive or putt, and (of course) a hole-in-one. Many other businesses will sponsor individual items in the “swag bag” each participant receives.  That’s where promotional kitting comes in.

Kitting Makes a Connection

Golf tournaments are a wonderful opportunity to utilize promotional kitting. What is promotional kitting at a golf event?

Those gifts each golfer receives in his or her “goody bag” have a huge impact on the perceived “value” of the whole event. Interesting, high-quality items in those bags make an impression and cause those guests to talk about your event long afterward. (That builds your reputation and makes others eager to participate next time around.)

The guide explains how you can “customize” those items to match your event and guest list. Each item can be sponsored by a different event partner and carry that partner’s logo. But thanks to “kitting” those items can be provided, collected and assembled at one time in one location.

Your Guide to Golf and Better Sales

Our updated guide provides a great deal of help in planning your golf tournament and dealing with all the necessary details. It provides a comprehensive checklist of what to do (and when to do it) in order to avoid the traps. (The ones not filled with sand.)

We’ve been guiding businesses to better efficiency for nearly 100 years now. And our fourth consecutive “Best of Print and Digital” award confirms that since it’s based on feedback from our customers.  Contact Superior today if you’d enjoy getting results worth talking about. And before you forget, download our 2020 Golf Outing Planning Guide for Corporate and Charity Golf Events. It might save you a lot of scrambling later.

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