Print Can Make Your Brand More Alive Than Ever

You’ve probably heard somebody describe a print ad that “jumped off the page.” Well, to quote an old cliché  (bad grammar and all) – you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! There are some amazing things going on in the area of print marketing that will change your thinking about print. Furthermore, they just might shake loose a flurry of new ways to engage your customers and prospects.

I noticed a great article the other day that still has me shaking my head a bit. Not in disbelief, but because of the potential marketing opportunities that exist for businesses. The article presented examples of traditional print marketing vehicles used in new ways. Each incorporated a modern material, technology or capability that catapulted it from a simple ad to a full-blown customer experience.

The article and accompanying video features a discussion with Ashley Roberts, senior production editor of NAPCO Media and Printing Impressions magazine. Those are the people responsible for choosing the Best of Print and Digital winners each year.

Print Marketing You Don’t Read, You Live

The examples in the article weren’t “what-ifs” –they were actual projects completed, distributed and received by their desired targets. Each seemed to go beyond a simple “ink on paper” approach. Rather, each used a different substrate or included a unique component to elevate interest and engagement.

Here are a few of them:

  • An ad for Nivea sunscreen that incorporates a solar panel you can use to charge your phone using sunlight.
  • Another Nivea ad that includes a security wristband you can place on your child at the beach that is able to alert you if he/she strays too far.
  • A Motorola ad in Wired magazine that lets you push buttons to change the color of a smartphone image thanks to electronics contained in and on the page.
  • A pop-up magazine gatefold ad for a new Toyota that simulates the “cockpit’ feeling, complete with pulse sensors on “door handles” that show your heartbeat rising from the experience.
  • An IKEA ad that responds with a certain visual image appearing when you, uh, interact with it a certain way (you’ll have to check this one out yourself or watch the video).

Enhance the Customer Experience – and Your Business

So why not let your business ride the wave of new excitement and vitality in print marketing? Interact with us to see how creativity in print marketing can move your business forward.

Our back-to-back Best of Print and Digital awards show that our customers appreciate our quality and service. And our ISO certification demonstrates that our consistent performance is built on more than just friendly sales reps (though we think have those, too).

Contact us for an interactive print marketing consultation to bring your brand alive through print.

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