Thanks to Our Customers for the “High Five”!

I’m excited. And grateful. And proud. For the fifth year in a row, Superior has been recognized as one of the very top companies in the print and digital industry.

The independent survey research, conducted by Butler Street Research, is based 100% on direct client feedback. It identifies companies who have provided the highest service delivery to customers over the past year. And I’d like to think that, with the challenge the past year has been, that really says something.

Elite Company

Earning the Best of Print & Digital 5-Year Award for five straight years means everything to us. And I love the way Mike Jacoutot, managing partner of Butler Street, put it.

“Our five-year winners have proven that delivering an exceptional customer experience is not an event, but rather in the DNA of the company from the top down.”  – Mike Jacoutot, managing partner, Butler Street.

Customer service has been the driving focus of our company since my grandfather founded it nearly 100 years ago. And that commitment to service is in the DNA not only of our company but our people. They are the ones who demonstrate that total customer focus day in and day out, as naturally as they breathe.

Know the Score

The Best of Print & Digital awards are based on a company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) – widely accepted as the industry’s most accurate indicator of client loyalty. It takes the percentage of total respondents considered “promoters” and subtracts the percentage considered “detractors.”

What’s left is your NPR.

And while we are never satisfied, this year our score was the best it’s ever been.

Let’s just say that if our “detractor” percentage were applied to the 53-man roster of the NFL champ Tampa Bay Bucs, it would equal about half a back-up linebacker.

Okay, maybe a whole placekicker.

What Did Our Promoters Say?

Our promoters had lots of wonderful things to say.

When asked for comments about their dealings with Superior Business Solutions, our customers were very gracious.

Here is just a small sampling of their comments that I thought you might want to take note of.

  1. “The company and reps are great to work with.  “ ~ José M.


  1. From the start of a project through its completion, Bill is always professional, helpful, and responsive. The entire experience truly is “superior” at every step.” ~ Kelly P.


  1. “Joan and Bob are exceptional business partners. Their efficiency at turning around recommendations and thoughtfulness when making their recommendations are the exception vs. the rule in this space.” ~ Julie L.


  1. “John provided superior customer service when we experienced a difference in performance with a new batch of product. He came on site to witness and discuss the issue, then thoroughly investigated it, following up with a solution.” ~ Terry W.


  1. “I love Jon and Melissa’s customer service.  They are great!” ~ Nichole F.


  1. “Always quick response to our needs and quick turn-a-round of products.” ~ Jack S.


  1. “My orders are always completed 100% correct and on a very timely basis.  I really appreciate their great service!” ~ Karen R.


  1. “They are reliable and provide lots of great options and ideas for promotional products.” ~ Rosie H.


  1. “They have the best customer service of any printing/mailing house that we have ever worked with.” ~  Betty Jo F.


  1. “Customer service x 10.” ~ Anthony P.



“This year marks the winning of our fifth, consecutive Best of Print & Digital Award and is once again confirmation that there is a quantifiable difference when clients work with Superior. I’m thankful to our customers and proud of our Superior team. Superior has a long tradition of identifying with customer’s needs and acting in their best interests to maximize their bottom line by increasing sales, reducing overall costs, and delivering results where other organizations can’t.

Our customers’ responses to this independent survey tell the story of their loyalty and satisfaction with our work and are a testament to our commitment to them. Congratulations to the entire Superior team on this recognition of their continued commitment to our client’s best interests.” – Bill English, President


What Will YOU Say?

We talk about our Best of Print & Digital wins a lot. And we usually mention our ISO certification, too – because the discipline it takes to maintain that certification is certainly part of our success in pleasing customers.

If you are one of our customers, I hope you are nodding your head and agreeing with some of those comments above.  (If not, please let us know so we can do something about that.)

If you aren’t a customer yet, I hope this encourages you to give us a try. We can help in so many ways, I’d suggest that you just contact us. We’ll talk a bit and find out what we can do to help your business grow.

Our “Customer Service Department” is Everyone

In closing, I’d like to address our people.

Since 1924, it has always been about the people, the process, forward-thinking, and getting the job done right for each and every client.

Every individual that makes up our Superior team should take great pride in the fact that our clients have once again ranked Superior as one of the best in the industry. Serving our customers is not only everyone’s job, it’s everyone’s passion.

Okay, enough patting ourselves on the back. Let’s get back to work. On to number six.

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