Time to Button Up Your Promotional Marketing Efforts with Custom Buttons

Fun topic today to help give your business a bit of a boost. In short, it’s time to make your marketing fun. But it’s also about making your marketing effective. Today’s consumers (and not just millennials) don’t want to be pitched to. They want a brand to fit into what they already care about and the lives they already lead.

That’s why putting your message on a creative, attention-getting custom pin or button is perfect. Your prospects like it,  think it’s cool or fun, and they pin it on their jacket.  (This is one time it’s terrific for your message to be “worn out.”) They might keep a button on their desks. Or they could stick a magnetic button on their refrigerator or on a cabinet in their office.

Get Creative, So Your Button Gets Attention

The more engaging the design and wording, the more likely your button will go places. And here’s the great news: we can create any button design you can think up. And with our experience, we can even help you with the “clever ideas” part. Here are just a few of the many custom button options we can make available. And just wait till you, uh, hear the last one…

7 of The Best Custom Buttons for Your Marketing

  1. Carded Round Buttons

single 2/25” diam. buttonFull-color graphics of your choice on these playful buttons with high-gloss finish. Choose a USA-made single 2/25” diam. button, or a card containing four rigid vinyl 1.25” diam. buttons. In either case, customize the button and the card on which it is delivered. And setup is free.

  1. Custom-shaped Button Up To 16 Sq. In.

best custom shaped buttons for marketing Creativity rules. You decide the shape, size and imprint. The button is made of rigid vinyl material and the laminated imprint is full color. Setup is free—and the impact is unlimited. Unusual shapes or large sizes? Our specialty. We can create anything you can dream up.

  1. Rounded Corner Rectangle Button with Safety Pin Back

best custom rounded corner buttonHard to miss the button or the message. Ultra-visible 1.75 in. wide by 2.75 in. high. USA-made with a high-gloss and elegant finish.  A great format for bold graphics and message detail. Great for events,  conferences and new promotional campaigns.

  1. Captivatingly Custom 1” Lapel Pin

custom 1" Die Struck Iron Soft Enamel Lapel Pin Die-struck iron filled with up to four colors of durable soft-enamel. Gold/brass or silver/nickel plating. Affixes with butterfly clutch. Pins are made to your design and individually bagged. Makes them perfect for collecting, swapping, and special achievement awards. Your prospects will regard them as keepsakes.

  1. 1” Button Magnets

custom 1" Button MagnetsWhat these magnetic buttons attract most is attention. Full magnetic back adheres to ferrous metal surfaces like refrigerators, lockers, whiteboards, file cabinets and more. That makes them ideal for company promos, trade show and event giveaways, campaign kickoffs and more.

  1. Big or Mini Talking Sound Buttons

customized talking message buttonPush-button promo! Why make prospects read your message when they can just listen? Pre-load 5—10-second audio messages and sound effects to reach their eyes and their ears. Push-down activation. Choose mini sound buttons, with 3” x 2.5” ovals. Or go big with 3.25” diam. round buttons.

  1. Wearable Sound Button

custom Wearable Sound Button for marketing

We’ve saved the best for last. A talking sound button that can be pinned to clothing, for a promotional message that really gets around. A totally custom 10-second message can feature voices, sound effects, jingles and more. A push-button activates it, and a pin on the back makes attachment to shirt or jacket simple.

Need Help Pinning It Down?

Helping is what we do best. You can check out our full selection of the best custom buttons for yourself. But feel free to ask us for help, too. We’ve helped businesses work efficiently through print and promotional items for almost 100 years now.

Customers have voted us Best of Print and Digital for three straight years based on results. And our ISO certification adds teeth to our promise of creativity and customer service.

So get in touch with your Superior Sales Rep, or contact Superior today. You’ll find that our expertise and helpful advice will be right on the button. And every other kind of printing and marketing you need.

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