Navigating PPE Purchasing? Buyer Beware! Here’s Help

If the COVID-19 situation has taught us anything, it has solidified the need to be proactive against not only the coronavirus, but seasonal flu and others. The need for businesses to protect themselves, their workers and customers with health and safety items like PPE for COVID, including sanitizer, is here to stay.

The pandemic has been a great reminder that things like sanitizers should have been a part of your supply chain already.

Working through the pandemic, also helped businesses learn what to look for (and look OUT for) in choosing a supplier to provide that vital PPE.

In my view, it really comes down to two key things: expertise, and efficiency. 

The Right Partner for PPE Protects YOU

You need to look for a PPE supplier that is experienced and knowledgeable in providing PPE. (You won’t find a more qualified one on that score than Superior.) It can be easy to become confused about what is needed.

A Superior representative who has experience in PPE can help guide your organization into getting the right product at a competitive price.

One of our seasoned PPE sales reps, Lisa Drew, has some suggestions.

In regard to buying PPE, she offers this:

“I would suggest planning accordingly as a lot of the hard-to-get PPE items such as nitrile gloves and canister disinfecting wipes are still coming from overseas and that situation is difficult to navigate due to customs, etc., with longer lead times.”

She also offers this caution.

“Whoever is ordering should check with their Safety Manager or appropriate contact for specifications. If it turns out your organization can’t use a certain item, you could end up with non-returnable PPE.”

PPE Efficiency is a Business Necessity

The right products don’t help much if they aren’t what you can use, aren’t where you need them, and aren’t there when you need them.

That’s another benefit of choosing the right partner.

You also need a reliable, proven supplier that can not only access the right PPE, but get it into your hands with maximum efficiency at the lowest price possible.

Here are reasons Superior fills that bill so well.

Choose Superior, A Proven PPE Supplier

  1. A Huge Supplier Network.

After almost 100 years in business, we have tremendous resources at our disposal. We are able to match your needs with quality products at the most competitive pricing.

  1. Inventory-Control Technology.

With our Corporate Kiosk online procurement system, we can make the right (approved by you) materials available to authorized individuals through an online portal, and manage supply through its tracking capabilities.

  1. Easy PPE Access In Store for You

We can even add PPE items to your online company store for your offsite employees and those working in multiple locations.

  1. Cost and Control

No more desperate “but we need the stuff” panics that run up costs. Your accounting people will be thrilled with the control and consistency of costs. And the consistency of your branding across all materials helps protect and promote your company image.

Bringing Back the State of Normalcy

Although we may not be there quite yet, with Superior in your corner, you can see normalcy from here!

We’ve been putting our expertise and resources to work for clients for nearly 100 years now.

Just ask one of the companies that were caught short of the necessary PPE to continue operating, but found vital supplies through Superior.

And speaking of states, just ask Michigan!

Remember we provided essential PPE for workers in Michigan when so many others were unable to help.

The state’s governor praised us in the media for our ability to commit and come through as one of the best large-scale N95 suppliers .

The Best Day to Contact Us?  TODAY!

I often talk about our ISO certification that helps us offer responsive customer service. And I cite our four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards as proof positive that our service makes a difference for customers.

So it’s always a great time to contact Superior or your Superior sales representative.

But right now might be especially valuable, since we are offering major discounts on sanitizer and great pricing on all the PPE your organization will need, now and going forward.

We know “forward.” It’s where we’ve been moving our customers for almost a century now.

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