PPE Supplier Case Study

Client: The State of Michigan

State of Michigan


The Challenge

Deliver 7 million respirators during a pandemic.

Amid extremely high demand and a mirage of supply, the State of Michigan, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, was competing with other states, healthcare systems, federal agencies, and other countries to acquire large quantities of vital personal protective equipment (PPE).

During this time, the State of Michigan engaged Superior Business Solutions to source critically needed PPE, most crucially, large quantities of N95 NIOSH-approved respirators.


Relying on its previously established experience sourcing international production, Superior Business Solutions vetted reputable, capable production facilities and instituted verification practices before, during, and after production to assure consistent, timely, large-scale, no-surprise, PPE deliveries to the State of Michigan. Production contracts are executed directly with factories, and payments go directly to the factories. There are no production brokers or tiers of middlemen involved. End-to-end security-sealed shipping helps ensure the products produced are the product delivered.

Procurement Infographic


  • 7 Million NIOSH-Approved N95 and FDA-authorized non-NIOSH respirators delivered
  • 22 production contracts fulfilled
  • No factory-cancelled production contracts
  • 100% of delivered products met specifications

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PPE Supplier Case Study

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