A Superior Process For Your Printing and Promotional Items

A Superior Process For Your Print Management and Promotional Items

If you’ve spent any time around schoolteachers, you have probably heard this phrase more than once: process over product. What does it mean? Well, it means that knowing how to find an answer is the most important thing. It means that knowing how to gather the right information, follow the proper procedures in sequence, and come to a good solution is far better than simply having the answer dropped in your lap, because it will help you get the answer the next time, and the next time, and so on. To me, it’s like that old story–give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime.

Why am I talking about this? Well, because I can’t think of a better example of a process really paying off for you than using Superior Business Solutions for your company’s print management and procurement or promotional items. Let’s look at the difference it makes.

The Process – Without Superior

Each time one of your company’s departments or divisions needs some brochures printed, chances are someone in that department, who may know nothing about printing, gets assigned the task. He or she researches whatever information is available online, maybe calls some friends, and comes up with a short list. Then a few calls are made, and the job is sent out.

Oh, and maybe at that point, someone asks, “didn’t we print that last year? Don’t we still have some?” or “Did you talk to Sam? Their department did one of those a couple weeks ago.” Suddenly, questions arise about whether or not the design adheres to corporate identity guidelines, or the paper or the colors are right, or the quality will be up to the company’s standards. Finally, it is left to hoping that the materials will be good enough, and that they will be delivered on time.

It’s a process, all right – but not a good one. Someone trying to accomplish an unfamiliar task wastes a great deal of time, duplicating similar efforts by others across the enterprise, and resulting in uncertain outcomes.

The Process – With Superior

It’s a little different when you partner with Superior Business Solutions. First of all, the “shopping” and “information gathering” is unnecessary. Our knowledge of the print market is unmatched, and our stable of proven vendors can accomplish every kind of project with quality and efficiency, and deliver it on schedule. Our expertise allows us to select the best one for your needs on any given project.

And as for those other questions? No need to ask them. Through our Corporate Kiosk technology—your company’s online store—you can establish all the parameters needed for print projects in advance. Your employees, no matter where they are, can rely on one source. Most of the necessary decisions have been made in advance, standardizing the quality and image you want for your corporate materials.

Employees are empowered to make certain choices depending upon the project and their role, but only within given ranges that ensure your standards are maintained for quality, corporate identity, and other factors. Forms that require frequent reorder, or are ordered by different divisions, are stored in the system and acquiring an additional supply is as easy as placing an online order.

Promotional Items Are Easier, Too

The same holds true for promotional items. It’s an area that can really seem like a “no man’s land” for inexperienced shoppers, and can leave you disappointed and even embarrassed is the wrong item–or the wrong supplier–is chosen. That’s a risk you can’t take when it comes to sending a message and carrying your image to customers and prospects.

When you work with Superior, the process (there’s that word again) is a pleasure! First of all, our extensive supplier network puts an almost endless array of appealing items within your reach – but don’t worry, we know them well and can help guide you with helpful suggestions if you like. But because we have investigated and worked with all of them, we can make sure you will get that “perfect” item delivered on time and budget.

And again, with Corporate Kiosk, you can preselect a certain item or range of items from which employees are free to choose, depending upon their particular function and role in dealing with customers and prospects. The painstaking searching has already done by people who know the field, and the options have been carefully decided by you or your key staff, so mishaps are minimized.

Now that’s a great process. Your people know their jobs, but we know printing and promotional products. Contact us one of our sales reps from a link above to find out more about Corporate Kiosk and how it could make things easier for you and for virtually every department in your company.

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