3 Steps to a Simplified Print and Promotional Product Supply ChainBetter Control and Better Choices from a Simplified Promotional Product and Print Supply Chain

Chances are you’re familiar with what a reliable supply chain means to a manufacturing company. It is a dependable mechanism that ensures the timely appearance of raw materials, component parts, sub-assemblies or process supplies necessary to maximize productivity. Those materials are specified, sourced, ordered and delivered seamlessly. It makes obvious sense.

So, too, does the idea of creating a supply chain for all of the print and promotional products used by your company or organization. The reasoning is the same; a print and promotional product supply chain helps ensure that you get printed pieces and promotional products in a timely fashion and at a reasonable cost, and that they consistently reflect and reinforce the quality image you’ve spent so much time and money creating for your organization.

It Works for YOU

Print and promotional product supply chain management can make a big difference, even if you’re not a big organization. At Superior Business Solutions we’ve seen it pay off for huge international companies and for small one-office businesses. Larger companies appreciate its ability to standardize communications across the enterprise, so that different divisions and offices in different locations will be using the same approved materials, from stationery to promotional pieces and more.

A print and promotional product supply chain empowers smaller companies to create impressive printed materials at a reasonable price, and stand out from their competition with unique and thoughtfully selected promotional materials that customers and prospects value and remember. Both are made possible with Superior Business Solutions unmatched network of print vendors and promotional product sources.

Whatever size your organization, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to set up a print and promotional product supply chain for your company. It takes three simply steps.

Step One: A Print and Promotional Product Audit

Our first step is to gain knowledge about your organization, its needs and relevant history in order to make meaningful recommendations. So we conduct an audit and analysis of your print and promotional needs, your inventory management procedures and your procurement practices. From that, we can identify opportunities to streamline the procurement process and optimize your inventory management.

We can identify solutions that actually give you more buying power and providing access to almost unlimited product selections, while eliminating waste and managing costs more efficiently

Step 2: Evaluate the Possibilities With Corporate Kiosk

Next, we will determine if one of our automated e-procurement technologies such as Corporate Kiosk would be a good solution. Corporate Kiosk offers many advantages,saving you time and money and helping you deliver a consistent message to your customers and prospects across all divisions and all employee groups.

With Corporate Kiosk, you control which offices or employees will have access to the ordering system; it could be all of them, or employees with a specific job title in each office or division, or those you select by name. Then, you can input desired print standards and requirements and promotional product descriptions and ordering protocols that your people will follow easily in using the system. This eliminates the frustration and  wasted time that can occur when inexperienced or distracted personnel try to “shop” for printing suppliers or promotional product vendors. It’s all done in advance, with your oversight.

Step Three: Integrate Seamlessly Into Your System

It is important to remember that adding print and promotional product supply chain management doesn’t require a major overhaul of your current practices. We follow the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach, and will look to integrate our supply chain management and process improvement solutions into your current practices, policies and workflow, fitting into the framework of your operation.

Our agenda is not to make things more complex, but to make them work better for you.

If you haven’t experienced a print and promotional products audit from Superior yet, I hope you’ll do it soon.  If you’d like to set one up, or just discuss i further, give me a call.  You might find it very enlightening to hear the stories of hundreds of clients who have benefited greatly from doing so.

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