Promotional Gifts Build Brands and Relationships

Where IS your brand right now? Is it in your logo, or is it snoozing in hallways and offices left empty by COVID-19?

Nope. I believe it’s alive and well in the homes or other places your employees are working from at the moment. And I also believe that you can make that brand even stronger in these chaotic times through promotional product management. In times like these, it takes teamwork and smooth collaboration among employees to keep your bottom line as healthy as possible. Whatever you can do to motivate and engage them is invaluable. Well-chosen promotional gifts are the perfect way to do that.

Employees + Promotional Gifts = Brand Ambassadors

Okay, it’s not quite that simple. But it’s certainly true that when employees feel appreciated, they do their jobs better. Customers notice. And your business grows.

While we’re on that subject, don’t forget that Oct. 2-5 is National Customer Service Week. To help, today I’m going to highlight a group of perfect promotional items for Customer Service Week.

And while these items are ideal for your customer service reps, they are also made-to-order for keeping those “working from home” employees happy and committed to your company.

Here Are 5 GREAT Promotional Gifts for Remote Workers

  1. Get Funky Chunky

Somehow, food items feel especially thoughtful to the recipient. So care packages with food for remote employees are always welcome.

Funky Chunky is endorsed by our CEO, offers beautiful customized packaging, and is absolutely delicious.

  1. We All Like It Hot!

Whether they’re at home or in the office, those employees are likely to have a big cup of coffee nearby.

You know they love and count on it.

So what about a promotional gift for coffee lovers? This is one hot gift – because it keeps their coffee that way!

  1. Keep ‘em Puzzled

Enjoyable little diversions and distractions are important to maintaining a clear focus and refreshed attitude. Check out our selection of customized promotional puzzles people will love.

  1. Popular Promotional Kits with PPE for Coronavirus

Don’t just tell them you care.

Show them, by giving them items designed to protect their health and safety.

These are our most popular promotional kits with PPE for coronavirus.

  1. Customize It!

Speaking of promotional kits with PPE for COVID-19, why not create a fully customized promotional kit for employees and have it shipped.

Mix and match, add a little bit of all of the above items.

Or choose items totally personalized to your brand or to your valued employees?

Time for Company Store

Here’s another idea perfect for today. Why not empower your employees to handle print projects and promotional items themselves?

Learn how to create an online company store for employees.

It allows them to choose from approved printed forms and literature as needed, along with promotional items to help build awareness for prospects and loyalty for employees.

And Speaking of Superior Customer Service

Superior was founded on bringing efficiency to business in 1924. And we’re known for doing just that today. That’s not an idle claim. There’s plenty behind it.

First is our ISO certification.

To earn and keep that, we have to meet stringent standards of customer-focused procedures.

Hard to find in our industry. But hard to miss in our relationships.

Add in more partnerships than we can mention in one post. The trusted vendors and quality companies we work with believe in the same high standards we do.

What Do Those Customers Say?

Speaking of relationships, what do our customers say about us?

They’ve said plenty, we’re happy to say.

Their evaluations caused us to earn Best of Print and Digital awards for four consecutive years.

Contact Superior or your Superior sales consultant and get the help you need to choose the perfect promotional items for your remote workers.

We’ll help you use them to thrill your employees, attract new customers, and build your business.

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