Are Puzzles the Missing Piece in Your COVID-19 Recovery?

As I mentioned recently, promotional items are a great way to build and maintain business during COVID-19.

We’ve even provided some pointers on handing out timely items like promotional kits with PPE for Coronavirus to help capture the attention of customers and potential prospects.

Things have slowed down for most businesses during this pandemic. It is difficult to maintain contact and momentum with customers and prospects in this situation.

But there are opportunities hidden within it if you know where to look.

Many business decision-makers are working from home and spending more time around family these days.

That’s a perfect environment for promotional items like games and puzzles. A unique puzzle provides fun, entertainment—and goodwill for your business when your logo reminds them who provided it.

Nothing Puzzling About the Way Promo Products Work

Promotional items do one thing exceptionally well: they work.

Research from the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) proves it. Among its findings:

  • Consumers are more likely to have a favorable opinion and do business with an advertiser that gives them a promotional product
  • Promotional products are the most highly regarded form of advertising, ranking more highly than traditional media and much more highly than Internet or mobile advertising

Puzzles the Right Solution

Your prospects and key customers might appreciate your promotional products, even more, when you choose something not only functional but fun!

Puzzles are the perfect choice, providing a pleasant diversion, and weeks, months, even years of entertainment.

We offer custom puzzles in an almost unlimited variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations.

With quality partners like Unique Custom Products and several others, we can choose or create the ideal puzzle to match your needs.

Every Type of Puzzle You Can Imagine (and Then Some)

create customized promotional puzzlesHere are just a few examples of the unique puzzle types we can create for you.

  1. A Fully-Customized Promotional Puzzle with 500 Pieces

For prospects that like a challenge – they’ll spend a lot of time putting this one together.

And they’ll notice your branding many times along the way. (But don’t worry, we can also do puzzles with as few as a dozen pieces for a more manageable diversion.)

  1. Pyramid Puzzle

These puzzles feature blocks and cubes that can be put together in a number of ways. But it’s always curiously difficult to get it back the way you found it!

  1. Slider Puzzle

You remember these from when you were a kid. Sliding blocks around to try and recreate the original image.

It’s frustrating, fun….and almost addicting.

And they’ll be focusing on your brand and logo the whole time they are doing it.

  1. Jumbo Business Card Puzzle

Bring your branding “up close and personal” for your prospects and key clients.

As they focus on solving the puzzle, they are really focusing on your logo in the process.

(And here’s a crazy idea: Imagine having one made using an important prospect’s business card!) You won’t enjoy a quantity discount, but think of the impression you’ll leave by making the client and his or her business card the “hero.”

They’ll certainly hang on to this one. And your branding could be somewhere on the puzzle or packaging.

Wondering Who to Call?  Puzzle Solved.

If you are looking for a creative source to help with a unique and memorable puzzle, you’ll find Superior is a perfect fit. And it’s because of the way we’re put together.

We’ve been helping businesses operate more efficiently for nearly 100 years.

And our ISO certification ensures that we always provide the most focused customer service possible.

Another plus? For four consecutive years, our customers have “voted” with their feedback and helped us win a Best of Print and Digital award.

Contact Superior or your Superior sales consultant today.

Ask for help in creating the perfect customer promotional puzzle to meet your situation.

It could help your prospects and clients take a little break from the coronavirus stress. And we’ll help them remember that it was you and your business that brought them that breath of fresh air.

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