Your Clients and Prospects Value Great Customer Service. So Should YOU.

In a moment I’ll tell you why I think promotional items should be a big part of your plans for National Customer Service Week in early October. But first a question: do you know who your customer service reps are?

Here’s a hint. Look at your employee directory. Your customer service reps are the first and last names on the list, and every name in between.

Sure, you might have people with titles that suggest customer relations. But every single one of your employees interacts with dozens of people in their daily lives. And the attitude and loyalty they display toward your company can do great things for your reputation.

Brand Ambassadors In Waiting

Employees LOVE promotional items. And when you provide them clothing items and other merchandise carrying your company branding, you are building their company spirit and loyalty.

And as they use and wear those treasured items, they are giving your company positive exposure and attention.

So I think Customer Service Week, Oct. 2-5 this year, is a great opportunity to recognize all your employees for their critical role in spreading their love for your company and building its positive image.

5 Excellent Promotional Items for Customer Service Reps

Plan now to use that week to remember your official and “unofficial” customer service reps with a promotional item they will appreciate and use or display.

Here are five great promotional items to consider:

  1. PPE They Need

    Personal protective equipment isn’t a traditional promotional item, but these aren’t traditional times.

    Customized promotional kids with PPE will not only help your customer service people stay healthy but also remind them how much you appreciate what they do.

  2. Promotional Apparel

    There’s a reason promotional apparel is such a popular choice.

    Your employees will enjoy wearing promotional apparel and showing off your company branding to everyone they meet.

    We offer almost every brand and style you could want. You can even get free embroidery on stock program polo shirts.

  3. Awards

    Many studies show that what employees want most is recognition. Awards are an excellent way to accomplish that and demonstrate to your Customer Service Reps that you notice and appreciate their efforts.

    And don’t think of just the “same old, same old” plaques and desk ornaments.

    Explore the latest options, recent arrivals, and what’s new in awards and recognitions.

  4. A YETI? You BET!

    Everyone loves a YETI, whether they are packing for nature adventures or pouring an XXL coffee for the long commute to work.

    Customized YETI’s for promotional marketing are among the most popular promotional items today. And we can put that special promotional logo or message on any quantity, from one to a million!

  5. Custom Promotional Kit

    Want to treat your CSR’s to something truly special? Why not customize a promotional kit with items that capture a unique aspect of your company, location, or industry?

    Superior can handle the order fulfillment and kitting for individual items.

    We can even store, pack, and ship your promotional kits directly to your CSR’s (an extra nice feature during these work-from-home times).

    We can even create a unique and memorable container to fit the items perfectly.

A Bonus Gift: Make Their Lives Easier with Corporate Kiosk

Why not give them a special benefit during Customer Service Week?

Set up a Corporate Kiosk online company store for employees. That way, CSR’s and any other employees you designate can access to that virtual store through an online portal.

Once there, they can order the promotional items they need as well as a broad range of printed pieces including forms, contracts, labels, stationery, PPE, corporate identity, and even customizable marketing materials and collateral.

That allows you to keep total control over the content and the costs involved.

And that control exists across multiple facilities, plants, offices, and any other parts of your enterprise.

And it allows your people in multiple offices in far-flung locations to get the same approved pieces quickly and efficiently wherever they need them.

Let’s Talk Superior Customer Service

We’ve been helping businesses run more efficiently for nearly a century. The ISO certification we hold mandates the excellent customer service we provide to each of our clients.

We have earned four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards based solely on the reviews our customers provided to an objective research firm. To me, that’s the best testimonial ever.

Contact Superior or your Superior sales consultant and ask for help sourcing the perfect promotional gifts for your entire CSR team. (Remember, Customer Service Week is coming soon.)

And don’t’ forget to learn more about Corporate Kiosk and the benefits it might hold for your organization.

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