Maintain Valuable Connections with Funky Chunky Goodness for Employees and Key Contacts

These are challenging times we’re going through. So many of us are working from home, trying to keep our companies thriving. But how do you send a positive message that “we’re all in this together” when, well, so few of us are together? Today I’d like to share one way to keep your relationship with key employees and customers strong, and it’s one of my favorite promotional gift ideas.

We spend lots of time making sure those work-from-home employees are “connected” to the office. And we spend a lot of time and energy worrying about the Wi-Fi, or the software, or the remote conferencing technologies we can use to keep productivity high. That’s fine, but I think we should also work to maintain those personal, human connections that keep morale strong and commitment solid. 

Funky Chunky – A Popped Sensation

Funny name…but an incredible taste. I’ll give you a few details in a second, but the taste of Funky Chunky is the big story. (A story that’s been on shows like Rachael Ray and Good Morning America, by the way.) It’s popcorn, chocolate, nuts….and everybody’s nuts about it!

Put it this way: my brother Bill, the CEO of SBS Brands (the parent company of Superior Business Solutions), loves it. He is very careful about his endorsements, but when it comes to Funky Chunky, he doesn’t monkey around. He’s all in.

Sweet, Salty, and SO Appreciated

A tasteful (and delightful) gift that will demonstrate to your key employees that you appreciate their efforts.  A thoughtful gesture that will help keep them fired up and focused. And it will help important clients think of you as a valued partner in all business climates.

And it takes no effort from you – you’ve got enough things to think about. These gifts from Funky Chunky can be drop-shipped ASAP to the recipient’s door.  That means it happens faster, and you don’t have to do any handling or inventory.

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Funky Chunky Choices

It started with one legendary product. But today Funky Chunky isn’t just one thing. It’s a whole assortment of different sweet, salty and tasty products in appealing combinations you can pick and choose to fit your own people and situations.

A Goody Basket for Work-at-Home Employees



A Personalized Food Promotional Gift Idea for Key Clients


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We’ll Take Care of It

As I mentioned, you don’t need one more thing to deal with right now. And you don’t have to, because we’ve got this. Remember, we’ve got nearly 100 years in helping businesses work more efficiently.

And our customer feedback has earned us four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards. And our ISO certification ensures we comply with demanding customer service standards. You truly can trust us.

best of print and digital winner

Contact us today for plenty of great ways to stay engaged with your work-from-home employees and protect your critical customer relationships. Amazing what a little Funky Chunky can do, isn’t it?


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