Put Together a “Show Them You CARE” Package, with PPE for Coronavirus

If you are a regular reader you know that we’ve been talking about PPE for coronavirus a lot lately. I think it’s justified. Not only is PPE among the hottest topics in the news, it’s also among the most in-demand products today.

That makes sense. Customer and employee protection is a top-of-mind concern right now for essential businesses that continue to provide needed goods and services. And businesses getting ready to ramp back up understand that PPE for coronavirus is a key component of doing so successfully.

Kits: More of a Good Critical Thing

Even in normal times, most people prefer getting more gifts rather than fewer. That’s part of the reason those monthly subscription boxes of various types are so popular. And those monthly subscription boxes are really just promotional kits. In the past, I have written about what promotional kitting is and the great benefits for your business and your recipients.

Now, think how much more excited recipients will be when those multiple items are PPE for coronavirus or related items that help keep them safe. And think how grateful they’ll be to you for providing them.

So today let’s look at eight promotional kits full of PPE for coronavirus. Several of them may be customized with your branding to provide a constant reminder of how your business stepped up to provide them. Be sure to contact your Superior sales rep for special pricing on the kits that fit your situation.

  1. Express Sanitizer Kitcustomized Express Sanitizer Kit with PPE for coronavirus

First aid kit in a hinged box that fits easily in backpack, purse or briefcase. Contains:

  • three .9-oz. hand sanitizer packets
  • four latex-free adhesive bandages
  • two antiseptic towelettes
  • one triple-antibiotic ointment packet

One-color imprint. Delivered within 7 workdays after proof approval. Minimum quantity of 250.

  1. Super Shopper Kit

logo Super Shopper PPE FannyPack with PPE for coronavirusWith this PPE Kit, your recipients will feel ready for anything. A waist pack (available in several colors) has an adjustable web belt with ABS plastic buckle release and front and back zipper components. Holds up to 11 pounds. Kit also includes:

  • One-piece three-layer Non-Woven Mask
  • Disposable nitrile gloves
  • Ball point pen
  • Single-use packet of gel hand sanitizer

One-color imprint available on front pocket. Production time 1-5 days, with 100 minimum.

  1. Dropping-By Kit

customized dropping by promotional kit with PPE for coronavirusMeet others unexpectedly? No problems with this PPE kit. Cotton canvas utility pouch in handsome two-tone design. Top zipper closure.  Fashion and function in one. But what’s in it makes it even better!

  • Bella+ Canvas® Daily Face Cover/Mask (washable)
  • Packet of mini tissues
  • Disposable nitrile gloves

One-color imprint on side of pouch. Production time 1-5 working days with 100/carton.

  1. Out and About KitOut and About Kit with PPE for Coronavirus

A handy pouch with some very helpful items inside, like nitrile disposable gloves, single-use packet of antibacterial hand sanitizer, mini tissues, ball point pen, and more.  Place your imprint on the convenient, re-use it forever pouch!

  1. PPE Value Kit

customized logo branded PPE Value Kit with PPE for CoronavirusThis one has the essentials that will be welcome by every recipient. Black polyurethane drawstring pouch has a hundred uses. But what they will appreciate more is its contents:

  • One-piece 3-layer Non-Woven mask
  • One pair of nitrile gloves

Production time 1-5 working days. Minimum quantity of 150.

  1. 3-Ply Mask and Antiseptic Wipes in Zipper Pouch

branded 3-Ply Mask and Antiseptic Wipes in Zipper Pouch with PPE for coronavirusThis kit is all about protection. Zippered polyester pouch is available in six colors plus clear vinyl. The contents are just what the experts ordered:

  • Protective 3-ply mask in its own polybag
  • two BZK antiseptic towelettes
  • two BZK alcohol cleaning towelettes

Production: 7 working days, minimum order 250.

  1. FA130 Protective Face and Gloves Pack

branded logo A130 Protective Face and Gloves Pack with PPE for coronavirus

This zippered pouch comes with protection for your face and hands. The zippered polyester pouch is available in red or blue; clear vinyl pouch is another option. Here’s what you get in this kit along with the pouch:

  • protective 3-ply mask in its own polybag
  • two BZK antiseptic towelettes
  • one pair of nitrile protective gloves

Minimum order 250.

  1. Custom Kits

Why not design your own promotional kit for coronavirus that works for your business? Think about customers, employees, and your operation. What types of PPE for coronavirus make the most sense?  What colors do you want to work with? Is an imprint a good idea? Would it make sense to include other promotional items?

We’re happy to help. We can tell you what items are available, and which ones are likely to get the best reaction based on our experience. And remember we have plenty of that – nearly 100 years of helping businesses run more efficiently.

Think Kits…and Key Partners

PPE for coronavirus is about protecting your customers and employees. And kits just might be the best way to provide it. But during our unsettled times, trust and a track record are more important than ever.

Our ISO certification is your assurance that our systems and processes are reliable. And there’s proof from the customer side too. Based on reviews from our customers, we’ve earned Best of Print and Digital status for four consecutive years.

Stop worrying about where to get PPE for coronavirus and contact Superior today. Or reach out to your Superior sales rep for more information and to order your promotional kits for coronavirus. It will be good for your business, and good for the people you depend upon to help that business thrive, now and into the future.

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