Need Special Promotional Gifts for Employees Working From Home? This One Is Just Right

In Tuesday’s post, we talked about the many folks suddenly working from home. I ended with a joke about that beloved workplace icon, your special coffee mug. Well, today, I’d like to show you what is perhaps the “crème de la crème” of coffee mugs. And it’s certainly the “crème de la crème” of promotional gifts, especially for new employees and those recently shifted to working from home.

Coffee has an almost iconic connection with the workday. It’s like a ritual that provides workers a welcome wake-up and an energy boost to start their day. When the coffee is “just right” the workday seems more enjoyable and more productive. Today I’d like to introduce a unique coffee mug that makes “just right” last all day long.

The World’s First Remote Temperature-Controlled Coffee Mug

In a post last week, I highlighted one of our great promotional gifts for employees working from home. But these mugs from Ember set a new standard for elite and incredibly useful gifts. And it comes at just the right time to help make that “new” home workplace something special for key employees and new hires.

No more cold coffee or microwave reheating. No more making faces when you discover your coffee has gone lukewarm (or worse) after a long phone call or teleconference.

The technology is frankly amazing. (You’ve heard of the Internet of Things? This is the  IoGT – the Internet of Great Things!) The Ember Mug2 can be controlled through your smartphone, using the Ember app to set your preferences. The temperature control ranges from 120-145 degrees. The mug turns on when the beverage is poured in and alerts your phone when the coffee reaches your desired temperature.

It operates on a rechargeable internal battery and comes with its own charging coaster. Hours of hot, great-tasting coffee is assured. Hard to put a value on that!

comparing_ember_mugs-features-benefits-chart-superior-business-solutions.jpgThree Models Available. Sip…Sip…Hooray!

Choose from three different Ember Mug 2 designs.

  1. The Ember Travel Mug 2.  Carries 12 oz. of coffee or tea and a lot of convenience. Eight inches high, with a stainless steel inner vessel. Features an LED display and allows on-mug temperature adjustment. It delivers three hours of battery life, but all day on its charging coaster.
  2. The Ember 10 oz. Mug 2. A great looking addition to home or office, available in black or white. Made of stainless steel with a durable coating. Mug is 4.2 in. high and 4.3 in. wide with handle. It offers 1.5 hours of battery life but maintains temperature indefinitely when on its charging coaster.
  3. The Ember 14 oz. Mug 2. Enjoy more of a good thing! Stands 4.6. in. high and 4.5 in. wide with handle. Stainless steel with a durable black coating.  It offers 80 minutes of battery life but maintains temperature indefinitely when on its charging coaster.

For Getting Work Done, We Offer the Works

Working at home never sounded so appealing. (Who needs a coffee break?)

We’ve been making businesses more efficient for nearly 100 years now, whether you’re doing that business at home, at the office, or on the road. Our four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards came strictly on the strength of positive reviews from our customers.  And our ISO certification reflects (and demands)  a commitment to smart and consistent customer service.

Contact us today to ask about special pricing options available on the Ember Mug 2. In fact, we can help you with any promotional product needs. And we can also offer expert advice on how to manage your print supply chain.  So why not give us a call?  After you’ve had that first cup of coffee, of course.  Wouldn’t want it to get cold!

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