They’re Not Just Claims When You Can Put Them in the Bank

In Tuesday’s post, I talked about an opportunity for your business to come back stronger than ever from the pandemic through print management I explained several ways that print management saves you time and money, and helps protect the quality of your most important printed materials.

You’ve heard us say things like that before. Forgive us for that. It’s just that we’ve saved countless businesses, non-profits, and other organizations so much money over the last nearly 100 years. So we just take it for granted that we can add efficiency and big savings to any business.

But if you’re like me, sometimes an actual example helps you understand more. And if $325,000 qualifies as “money” to you, then I have a great print management case study to share with you.

Control Over Pesky Inefficiencies

Rentokil North America, a division of the world’s largest pest control company, wasn’t starting from scratch. They had already taken some smart steps, like using third-party print production and inventory management services. They even used e-procurement technology.

But they still felt they could better improve their efficiency. They wanted to further streamline their procurement processes, better optimize inventory and do a better job of controlling costs.

Who You Gonna Call?

Rentokil engaged Superior Business Solutions to audit their print and procurement operation in several areas: procurement processes, technologies, inventory control, reporting, and, of course, spend.

The audit revealed several areas of concern.

  1. Inventory Issues

    Management and control glitches were resulting in overstocked items, redundant and duplicate items, obsolete materials, and reporting inaccuracies.

  2. Pricing and Cost Issues

    The existing pricing and cost structures in both warehousing and storefront operations lacked detail; this failed to provide the transparency required for spend oversight.

  3. E-store and Web Services Issues

    These areas should be models of efficiency in today’s environment. But they were not configured to facilitate timely updates and provide brand support and image protection. This added to the stress on an already-busy marketing department.

The (Superior Business) Solutions

Superior Business Solutions turned Rentokil’s areas of concern into areas of opportunity. With our proprietary technologies, we were able to address all of the potential problems uncovered by the audit, many of them in multiple ways.

Corporate Kiosk™ Adds Control

Using our versatile company online ordering platform Corporate Kiosk, we gave Rentokil a dynamic, easy-to-use web portal that unified and simplified the ordering experience. Online ordering access is controlled across the entire enterprise by brand, and by approved system users.

This provides a single source for print, promotional items and print-on-demand products. That addresses several of the problems found in the audit by ensuring compliance with Rentokil corporate purchasing rules and adherence to applicable graphic and brand identity parameters. Workflow automation software streamlines ordering and expedites order fulfillment. Everything in one system. Efficiency maximized.

A Warehousing Model Provides Actionable Information

We incorporated another proprietary solution with our dedicated warehousing operations for Rentokil. It incorporates best practices for managing and controlling inventory. It makes live, on-demand inventory reporting and monthly reports for low and zero-usage inventory.

This gives you, as a manager, the concise information you need to keep careful track of your spend in virtually real time, if desired. and allows for better cash allocations and projections across your entire enterprise.

Superior People Ensure the Results

Forget “set it and forget it.”  At Superior, we set it….and keep on improving it. We assigned a dedicated customer service team and a team support group to manage our day-to-day business operations for Rentokil.

At a quarterly meeting with the company’s marketing leadership, we analyze and review systems and operations performance. Not just to see that it’s working, but to imagine ways it could work even better.

Speaking of Results…

How did these changes, based on our audit, save Rentokil more than $325,000 annually? The company reported these results of Superior’s efforts:

  • Streamlined inventory management
  • Virtually eliminated overstock, redundant and obsolete inventory
  • Increased working capital with print-on-demand vs. expensive, wasteful inventory
  • Reduced warehousing costs

For Best Results, Work with the Best

Every case is different. But virtually every case ends with savings that are a very pleasant surprise our customers. Perhaps that’s why their positive reviews have earned us FIVE consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards.

Of course, our ISO certification probably helps there, too. It holds us to standards that mean every customer enjoys the consistent service and processes that help generate those results.

How Much Could Your Business Save, Starting THIS Year?

I hope today’s case study opened your eyes a bit about how Superior’s print management services generate real, spendable savings. After talking about Rentokil, I really hate to be a pest.

But I hope you’ll contact us, or one of our award-winning sales reps. You’ll find the links at the top of this page.

We can’t guarantee you’ll save $325,000/year. But do the math. Think about what it could have cost Rentokil just by waiting a day…or a week…to call us.

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