12 Proven Promotional Marketing Ideas for Custom Pens; Part One of Two

“It’s just a pen.” If you’ve ever received (or handed out, for that matter) a custom pen and thought that, chances are we weren’t involved.

That’s because we work with Hub Pen. Through our relationship with them, we are able to offer special pricing on the best custom pens. Their incredible selection of pens, with so many styles and price levels, takes the pen beyond the typical promotional item, and turns it into a business-building and relationship-enhancing tool. No wonder they’ve won awards for their products and performance.

A Hub for Promotional Marketing Success

Hub Pen was started in Boston (known by many as “The Hub”) by a young couple intent on simply delivering a quality product. But it has written quite a history since. They have become a leader in custom pens with their HybridInk and AntiFraud Ink as well as their safety protocol. You can see and feel the difference in these writing instruments. Their features and designs make them the ideal choice for any number of promotional marketing opportunities.How to buy high quality custom pens at a reduced price

Those promotional marketing opportunities are more frequent and interesting than you might have thought. So I thought I’d spend this week giving you some examples of how companies have used custom pens very successfully.

1. Tourism/Internet Companies

One Web-based company gave away custom pens with their corporate logo, and the web address to a promotional site. It encouraged visitors to upload a photo of themselves with their pens in locations around the world, with a new winner and prize announced each month. It generated publicity, stirred up lots of fun, and made that custom pen (the Javelin Splash®, item 326) the focus of a very successful promotional marketing campaign.

2. Retirement Facilities

The choice of pen matters. A newly renovated senior living facility held an open house to give potential residents, family members and friends a look at the community’s offerings. They handed out notepads and pens so visitors could take notes. They chose the Consuelo™ (item 567) especially for its jumbo barrel and rubber grip—easier and more comfortable for seniors to hold. The event generated plenty of goodwill and a waiting list. One big reason for that was that the thoughtful choice of an appropriate pen demonstrated their attention to details that matter to their audience.

3. Sales Meetings

A “save-the-date” announcement can be mundane. But an insurance company planning its annual sales summit with a tropical island theme made it memorable. They placed the company logo along with the date and location of the summit on a custom pen. They opted for the Javalina® Breeze (item 328), for its vibrant colors, and sent it—along with an island-themed calendar—to every sales team member. So instead of ho-hum, the reaction was “oh, boy!”

4. Automotive Industry

Sleek lines and European styling—a perfect description of the new models at a local car dealership. So it promoted the cars to its target audience through a direct mail package with a stylish twist. It included a brochure and a metal pen with their logo and contact information engraved on it. But the pen they chose was the Elvado™ (item 675) which reflected the same sleek lines as their car models. It made quite an impression, and many customers must have used that custom pen to “sign on the dotted line” because foot traffic and sales at the dealership increased.

5. Corporate Anniversaries

On its 10th anniversary, a construction company realized that it had to build relationships along with buildings. So it held a special event, at which it gave gift bags to the 300 special guests. Each bag contained a handsome faux leather jotter and the Vienna metal pen (item 628) with the logo and phone number of the construction company engraved on it. These wisely-chosen items were used by recipients every day, providing great visibility. The company showed an increase in bid requests and landed several large contracts in the months following the event.

6. Real Estate

A large real estate agency wished give its agents an impressive gift to thank them for their work and commitment. What was their choice? The Sonata™ Torch (item 690), a multi-functional metal pen with an LED light on the tip. It was functional, as its blue ink was perfect for contract signings and the LED light handy for finding keys in purses and using them to unlock doors. But it was also elegant, as each was engraved with the agency logo and personalized with the agent’s name. Accompanying it was a leather appointment book, and a personal letter from the regional manager. The gift not only pleased the agents, but added an aura of sophistication and success that impressed future clients.

“I can personally vouch for the HUB Pen. I have been using #567 Hub pen with hybrid ink … And nobody better swap my pen—it’s my new favorite!!! Get them in our customers’ hands and they will love it too!” ~ Linda A. Nestor, Superior Inside Sales Rep

How Will You Use Custom Pens for Your Promotional Marketing?

In my next post I will have six more promotional marketing ideas for custom pens. But you don’t have to wait. Feel free to click on the catalog below to view all the custom pens from Hub Pen. Because of our relationship with Hub Pen, we are able to offer you special pricing on all of these amazing custom pens. Contact Superior today or reach out to one of our ISO Certified, award-winning promotional marketing sales reps for your special pricing on the best custom pens on the market.

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