FREE Personalized, Custom Pens for Prospecting? Call that “Success, INK”

I’ll be telling you about a terrific offer today, so quick, grab a pen. No, don’t write with it, look at it. Chances are good that the pen you grabbed has a company’s name or logo on it.  According to research from the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), nearly 9 out of 10 consumers own a custom promotional pen.

We have many partners offering excellent custom pens. But today we’re going to focus on a wonderful opportunity that comes through an offer from our friends at Hub Pen. First, the opportunity part.

Custom Pens Benefit Consumer and Company

The cliché’ is “win-win” but it’s certainly true here. Consumers love custom pens. And they hang on to them. Why? Because they are useful, handy, and compact. Why throw out something you might be glad to have around sometime soon?

promotional custom pen facts

Companies love custom pens because consumers love them. Because they stay around on desktops, dressers and in that “kitchen drawer” that everyone accesses daily. And because they are inexpensive. So when you give out custom pens, your marketing dollars are extremely productive. (Your cost per impression can be less than 1/10 of a cent!)

Pens Earn “Points” for Creativity

There are many events and occasions that are perfect opportunities to hand out custom promotional pens. Trade shows. Public events. Every prospect or customer appointment. And companies in many industries find unique ways to make custom pens even more appropriate and memorable.

Check out these promotional marketing ideas for custom pens. Or just contact Superior right now. We’d be happy to share our experience.

Here’s The Deal

Here’s that deal I’ve been talking about. Right now, through our Hub Pen partners, you can choose three personalized laser samples of your choice absolutely FREE.* We’ll have them shipped right to you!

Color selection and styles of custom promotional pens

Just choose three from 12 of their best-selling customizable pens and have them imprinted as you choose. These personalized pens will help you to see the quality and exactly how your branding looks on your chosen samples. You can use them as examples for key clients; they could be your best sales conversion tool!

Any Time You Need Sales, Just Add Superior

It’s been true for nearly 100 years now, and it’s true today. Superior helps businesses run more effectively and efficiently.

Our customer feedback has earned us four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards. And our ISO certification means that nothing is left to chance: you’ll get our best efforts, too!

So contact Superior and ask for the free Hub Pen personalized laser offer. With those pens, you’ll be putting your brand in the hands of key customers and prospects. And you’ll be putting your trust in Superior – a company that’s been helping organizations like yours grow for almost a century.

*HUB Pen reserves the right to pull this program at any time from individual customers. Straight-line imprint only. Samples that require logo setup will incur standard laser logo charges. No rushes or proofs. Standard production time applies. Samples will ship FREE from Braintree, MA via U.S. Mail. Items are subject to stock availability, we reserve the right to substitute for another color or equivalent item. 
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