Make Your Corporate or Charity Golf Outing OUTSTANDING!

Chances are pretty good that at some point, you’ve participated in a golf tournament. After all, there were some 800,000 of them in 2016. Yours was probably called an “outing” because that sounds like even more fun! But the larger point is that those events are more popular than ever. Customers, prospects, employees and almost any group you want to attract love them. And to get in on all the action, you need to know how to plan a corporate or charity golf event.

The link will take you to our remarkable new interactive golf tournament planning guide. It provides an extremely helpful blueprint for setting up a tournament. It provides useful information that will help you host a charity benefit, a corporate golf event for clients and/or employees or a team-building opportunity for clubs and associations. More on some of the important issues and decisions it covers below, but first:

“Fore” Things You Might Be Surprised to Learn

This interactive golf tournament planning guide offers plenty of advice. But it also includes some pretty surprising facts that make you realize how important it might be for you get in the game. I mean, if 800,000 tournaments planned in a year isn’t enough incentive.

  1. Those tournaments offered $4 billion in sales opportunities.

The outings are golden opportunities for business networking and doing business period. Almost every component of a golf tournament is ripe for attracting sponsorships dollars. Golf tournaments provide such a positive vibe, companies want their names and logos to be a part of them, and will pay, both in cash and prizes, to make it happen. Our golf planning guide has plenty to say about that.

  1. Golf is growing: 30% of all golfers are millennials.

If you think of the golf demographic as “older guys” it’s your thinking that’s a bit dated. Both genders enjoy golf, and younger generations are discovering it, and jumping in with both golf-spike-covered feet!

  1. Even stronger growth is just ahead.

Interest isn’t tapering off behind those millennials, either. Since 2013, there has been a 233% increase in junior golfers (those under 18). And nearly 80% of them continue playing once they’ve tried it.

  1. Attractive to Golfers = Attractive to Sponsors

The guide points out that adding as much value as possible to the tournament is key. Golfers love gift bags, premium giveaways and special games within the game like “longest drive” and “closest to the pin.”  But that’s a plus because sponsors love to put their names on those things. So you can usually add value without adding to your costs.

Our Golf Tournament Planning Guide Makes the Difficult Simple

Planning a golf tournament involves plenty of details, but the right first step makes all the rest easier. Align with a supplier who knows from experience all the issues that must be taken care of. The guide reflects our experience and gives you checklists and templates for determining:

  • Budget (with a spread sheet that helps you estimate and track costs you might overlook)
  • Timing (a detailed timeline starting 12-18 months out to make sure don’t miss a step)
  • Sponsorship opportunities (and how to enlist companies that want to look good to your golfers, and will help you cover significant tournament expenses)
  • Facility coordination (learn when and how to choose and work with the golf course, its PGA pro and other personnel to ensure the success of your event)

In the golf tournament planning guide, you’ll find numerous interactive links that you can click on for more information about terminology, equipment choices, promotional opportunities and many other aspects. Note: we have found that the Chrome and Firefox browsers may not recognize these interactive links directly.  But if you open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader, the links will work as intended.

The Tournament May Be a “Scramble” – but the Process Won’t Be

Our interactive golf tournament planning guide is an absolute must if you’re even thinking about holding a corporate or charity outing. And if not, maybe you should be, based on those statistics I mentioned earlier.

So don’t wait, go to the link above and download our 2018 (Updated for 2021) Interactive Golf Tournament Planning Guide today. I’ve resisted the golf puns till now. But I have to tell you for a successful golf event, it’s your best course of action.

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