The Outlook is Sunny for Tech Promo Items

In decades past, summer vacations meant the only tech you had was a little “transistor” radio that you would take along to the beach. In today’s world, we don’t leave technology behind during summer travels; we bring it along and use it more than ever with that available free time. So it’s a great opportunity for your company to stay in front of your customer’s and prospects when they go away on their summer vacations. You can do this by stocking your custom online company store with, or giving away, tech related on-the-go logo branded promotional items that will be appreciated, valued…and most importantly, seen!

They Get Seen – You Generate Sales?

Yes, promotional products increase brand awareness and generate sales. If you used only one form of advertising in your marketing plan, it should be promotional items. They are the most valued according to consumers responding to a survey by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI). The same survey shows that 83% of consumers said they are more likely to do business with brands from whom they receive promotional products.

And we can help you maximize the benefits of tech-related promotional items with a well-designed promotional marketing plan. Done right, promotional items aren’t “giveaways.” They are sales-generators.

Summer Tech is In Session

How about a few examples of the kinds of technology-oriented promotional items you can choose? Here are some thought-starters.

11 Top Tech Promotional Products for Summer Marketing

  1. Dry Bag

Custom Dry Bag

Smartphones are constant vacation buddies, but they don’t mix so well with water. This handy clear plastic bag will keep it dry at the beach, on the kayak and more. It floats, and a special pocket makes I easy to use the phone while it’s in the bag. Gift them to prospects and customers for as low as $5.97, with your full-color logo on board

2. Earmigos

Customized Earmigos


This one’s even fun to say! Wireless ear buds come packed in a convenient charging case with the battery built in. Great sound, and a sound summer promotional choice for good customers and solid prospects. Get them with your full-color logo for as low as $19.90.

  1. Air Pocket

Customized Air Pocket

Another great way to carry and protect your Apple® Air Pods. Soft silicone case protects them and keep them handy with a carabiner clip that attaches securely to purse, beach bag or other item. Available in black, white, red, or blue, and as low as $4.90 with your logo in plain view.

  1. Phone Fan

Customized Phone Fan

A “cool” tech device if there ever was one. If you’ve got your phone, you’ve got a fan. Turns any android or iPhone into a compact, energy-efficient fan. Print your logo on the blade or the base and give them to prospects for as little as $4.97 each.

  1. Spray & Wipe

Customized Spray & Wipe Customized Spray & Wipe

Getting around in summer means getting dirty. This handy kit features a microfiber cloth and liquid cleaner to keep phone and laptop screens clean all day long. You can provide them, along with your full-color logo, for as low as $2.60 each.

  1. MechGrip

Customized MechGrip

Wireless phone car charger locks to vent and adjusts to hold phone securely but swivels to adjust to your viewing angle. Phone stays charged and available, while hands stay on the steering wheel where they belong. As low as $39.27, with your logo to remind recipient who provided them that convenience.

  1. Phone Stand/Wireless Charger

Customized MechGrip

QI wireless charger with phone stand. Dual coil means 2X the charging speed. And huge imprint area means your company makes a big impression (Receiver patches available to make any phone QI enabled).
As low as $23.58 each.

  1. Wireless Power Bank

Customized Wireless Power Bank

Slender wireless QI power bank allows wired and wireless charging simultaneously. Works with all phones, and receiver patches available to make any phone QI enabled. Large area for full-color imprint. As low as $29.63.

  1. Power Pulse Plus

Customized Power Pulse Plus

It’s a Bluetooth speaker and a wireless phone charger. Speaker offers exceptional sound quality, and wirelessly charges any QI-enabled smartphone at the same time. Entertainment and efficiency in one handy accessory. White, with imprint, as low as $33.03.

  1. Selfie Ring

Customized Selfie Ring

Creating industry “buzz” right now. Mobile light attachment clips onto phone to provide perfect light for “selfies.” Your full-color imprint is on display the whole time. As low as $6.73.

  1. Custom PVC USB

Custom PVC USB

Handy and hard to forget! Offer key customers and prospects a clever, totally customized USB drive. Chosen to match your industry and display your company name. A guitar? A bottle? Some other unusual and memorable shape? You decide – but we have plenty of ideas to help. There is a 250 minimum on these custom pieces.

Summer is High Time for High Tech

These are just a few ideas, but we can offer plenty more once we know your company and situation.  We have nearly 100 years’ experience in helping businesses add efficiency. Our systems and processes are ISO certified to deliver a great customer experience. It’s no accident we’ve won three consecutive Best of Print and Digital based on positive customer feedback.

Contact us today for a free promotional program audit. We’ll certainly save you time and money on your promotional product efforts. But even more importantly, our experience will help ensure that your promotions deliver the results you want from them.

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