The Right Promotional Gifts Build Team Spirit and Company Success for Remote Workers…Right Away!

On Thursday, I kicked off a discussion about onboarding done right, especially with so many new employees working from home.  I talked about one important component that is often overlooked: branded promotional items that help build new, work-from-home employees’ sense of pride in (and loyalty to) their new company.

That post mentioned research that showed that recently-hired, remote employees really look forward to getting these types of promotional items from their new companies.

But what items, exactly, would newly hired, remote workers most like to receive?

Good news – we have answers!

MVP (Most Valuable Promotional) Items


The research survey also asked newly-hired, remote workers what types of “swag” they would most like to receive.

The chart above shows their preferences.

T-shirts and other apparel were the most popular choices, followed closely by water bottles.

Pens, coffee mugs, journals, notebooks and other stationery were also mentioned frequently.

(NOTE: In my next post on Thursday, I’ll be discussing an excellent tech-twist on journals, notebooks and other paper stationery your remote workers want that is really taking off this holiday.)

Timely Gifts Are Very Welcome, Too

Want another perfect for onboarding remote employees right now? Consider PPE kits. Put together (or choose preassembled kits that include) several pieces of personal protective equipment so necessary during our current pandemic.

Promotional kitting in general is another popular option for onboarding, as well.

Promotional kitting allows you to choose a group of useful and interesting items appropriate for helping a new employee get off to a great start.

You can also create the perfect packaging for a superior presentation.

Get On Board with Superior

The best first decision, of course, is to choose the right promotional product partner.

That’s a partner who can help you with ideas, surround you with support, and please you with performance.

We’ve been pleasing customers for nearly 100 years.

Our four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards are evidence of that.

Our deep experience is one good reason for those results.

Our ISO certification is another.

Contact Superior or your Superior sales consultant for help in boosting your onboarding efforts. We’ll help you give your remote workers the promotional items they want most. Employees that are proud of your company or organization are the best advertising for it.

And don’t forget to check back here Thursday for that special item I mentioned earlier!

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