The Right Welcome Works Wonders…Is Your Company Missing The Mark?

You’re hiring, but a good portion of your company is on a work-from-home basis, at least temporarily. (Though more than a few businesses are considering making that status permanent after seeing the results.)

So, what does that have to do with promotional items?


How do you make those new-but-remote employees feel welcome? How can you convey that you consider them to be an important part of your organization?

Well, a great many of those new employees believe that receiving company-branded “swag” is certainly a step in that direction.

How do I know?

Get Onboard with the Research

A recent research project conducted by CensusWide for Promoleaf provided some interesting data.

It was a survey of more than 1000 U. S. workers who had changed jobs, or been laid off due to COVID-19 and found a new job working remotely.

The results were quite interesting.

I’d like to share a few.

Here are two that speak to the attitude your new remote employees might have toward you if you provide those promotional materials.

  • More than a third (34%) of newly-hired remote workers said they would like to receive “cool swag.”
  • But 91% of the workers who did receive company-branded merchandise during the onboarding process felt that their new employer did well in bringing them aboard.

Here’s another that, in my view, points to the opportunity this presents for you.

  • While 34% said they would like to receive promotional merchandise, and 91% of those who got it felt good about their onboarding—only 25% of them received it.

To me, that’s an obvious invitation to make your new remote workers feel welcomed with promotional items branded with your company logo.

Promotional items help build a cohesive team, and they also allow those new remote employees to promote your company as they wear or use the items.

Now…about those items: the research had a lot to say about that, too.

What are the top 5 MVP’s of onboarding promo?

What do newly-hired, remote employees consider to be the most valuable of all of the promotional items out there?

The research survey asked newly-hired remote workers what types of “swag” they would most like to receive.

In my next post on Tuesday, I’ll be answering that question.

Coming Through for Nearly a Century

Superior was founded in 1924 on our ability to bring efficiency to business.

For almost 100 years, we have been able to do whatever is necessary to help businesses thrive.

Want a recent example?

When the State of Michigan needed a proven large-scale N95 supplier to delivery essential respirators, we pivoted to deliver.

We do what is necessary, no matter what because that is an integral part of the fabric that founded my grandfather’s company.

Serving Up More Than You Need to Succed

We serve clients by giving them both an inside and an outside sales rep to understand and meet their needs.  (Try to find that from an online one-off print or promotional product provider. You’re not likely to find one with ISO certification, either.)

Our current customers certainly must believe they are being well served. Their reviews of Superior are the reason we’ve earned four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards.

Contact Superior or your Superior sales consultant today.

We can help you improve and streamline your onboarding efforts.

Why settle for making those new employees comfortable in your company when you could be making them loyal advocates of it right from the start?

See you here Tuesday.

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