Here’s To a Creative and Compelling New Year’s Idea!

People love welcoming in the new year. But this New Year’s Eve, the ball-drop may not be the only thing commanding your guests’ attention. When it’s time to hand around those festive bottles of fine champagne, corks will pop as always. But so will your business—thanks to your logo or unique design etched beautifully into each bottle!

It’s a truly novel idea, and a sophisticated way to remind guests or your lucky recipients of what they are celebrating, or whom they are celebrating with. The personalized label provides a creative highlight to New Year’s Eve and other holiday parties. And it’s a wonderful way to add an elegant touch to special events and occasions throughout the year.

The Champagne

The excitement starts with what’s inside the bottle. Veuve Clicquot is a premium product from the Veuve luxury champagne house in Reims, France.  Champagne aficionados worldwide have respected the name since its founding in 1772.

The golden-yellow wine itself is pleasing to the nose, and bursts onto the palate. Subtle hints of brioche and vanilla follow early notes of fruit. It pairs beautifully with roast duck, smoked salmon, shrimp and many other foods.

The Wow

This champagne is an excellent choice based upon taste alone. But you can charm and surprise your guests even before their first sip. They will quickly notice your logo, graphic identity or simple message on the bottle, deep hand etched and hand painted with a one-color fill.Ring in the New Year with Your Customers and Custom Branded Products Like Veuve Clicquot Champagne and Glasses

Customize bottles to commemorate a special occasion, award, or individual. Feature a new corporate motto or mission statement. Or introduce a new marketing campaign slogan with dramatic effect. Even a simple “Happy New Year” from your company will be warmly received.

I Propose a……

…phone call. Contact Superior for more ideas. I’d enjoy helping you brainstorm the perfect bottle graphic or message for your company’s situation. In the meantime, you can create a virtual sample yourself to help you visualize what it will look like.

Want to make next year the best one ever for your company? Want it to stay front-and-center in your customers’ minds? Do that better—and sooner—with Veuve.

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