For Promotional Items, The “What” and The “Who” Are Both Important

In my last post, I emphasized that promotional items still work. Further, they do so more effectively than virtually any other kind of advertising. And that’s not just a self-serving claim. It’s based on some very specific and convincing findings by the American Specialty Institute. I discussed those here in a previous post.

Tuesday, I covered the general concept. But today, as promised, I’d like to share a few concrete suggestions as to how you can make sure promotional items work for your brand.

What Are the Right Promotional Items?

This might seem obvious. But how some companies choose their promotional items might surprise you. It often comes down to one person’s opinion—“Gee, I got this cool little screwdriver/alarm clock combo once.”—sometimes, it’s a short brainstorming session that no one has time for.

The most effective promotional items are selected based upon real information and a clear vision of what you want them to accomplish. Earlier this year, I went into more detail on six ways promotional items can impact your brand. The “right” choice depends your goals for the program. For example, are you after…

  • Popularity? Different items are most popular with recipients in different states.
  • Influence? Some items are more influential in affecting the recipients’ attitude toward the company that gave it to them.
  • A long-lasting impression? Certain items get “displayed” more, or are kept around for a much longer time, giving them the opportunity be seen by more people.
  • Cost efficiency? A simple measurement of media impact has been around forever: cost per thousand (CPM). Choose an inexpensive item with a long useful life, and you’ll generate an incredibly efficient CPM along with its other benefits.

There are other considerations, too. Perhaps you should select an environmentally friendly promotional item, if that’s a part of your company’s commitment, and something your audience will appreciate. Another choice? Select a truly unique promotional item that reinforces the basic appeal of your brand, or the most important point of difference that sets it apart from competitors.

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“Who” Should Provide Your Promotional Items?

At this point, even though you might find all this intriguing, you might be wondering how you can figure all these things out with efficiency and ROI? That leads us to the next important suggestion. There is certainly a lot of opportunity with promotional items, but you need a experienced partner to help you harness it. Superior Business Solutions certainly meets that standard. Working with us, you have access to these important assets:

  1. We have nearly a million different promotional items available. More choices mean you can be more creative, more unique, and more targeted. This many choices could be overwhelming without….
  2. Unmatched expertise. As one of the leading national promotional item suppliers, we have the experience and background research to help you make the right choices. Which will be even more effective as part of a….
  3. Promotional game plan. We strongly believe in promotional item management. That means having—and sticking to—an organized approach to when, why and how you distribute promotional items for maximum benefit to your brand.  And that plan becomes even smarter and more efficient with the use of….
  4. Our Corporate Kiosk™ e-procurement technology helps you up your game and our results with promotional item management that saves time, eliminates hassles and delivers incredible cost savings. It allows everything to happen virtually automatically on time and on budget.

Choose to Call Us Now for a Promotional Item Management Review

We’ve got the team of experts ready to help you plan, execute the plan, and grow your business. You can have confidence in our ability to do that. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification is one proof point. Another is our Best of Print and Digital 2017 Award earned through the votes of our customers.

Call us today to learn how a promotional item management review will help identify your best opportunities. Or contact one of our award-winning sales reps.  Effective promotional items are great things to give away. Opportunities, however, are not.


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