PURLs are no longer an option for direct mail marketing campaigns, they have become an essential component if you want to have successful results. Businesses that integrate personalized URLs into their marketing strategies reach and engage audiences with highly relevant, targeted content typically experience increased marketing campaign response rates of 30% to as much as double. Not only will it increase your response rate, it can help you gain insight and increase website traffic. Below are some explanations on exactly how PURLs can help your marketing campaign and why we strongly recommend it:

  • PURLs increase traffic to your corporate website. The initial direct mail should guide customers to a microsite that has specific information about the product or service that you are trying to market. Utilizing the direct mail postcard with a personalized URL as a “teaser”, the marketers can then lead a potential customer to access the company website to find out more about their products or services. A website usually provides more detailed information than a postcard that will give the consumer the information they are looking for and help make their buying decision easier.
  • PURLs allow marketers to track responses more accurately. Each personalized URL is unique to the individual, marketers can track and measure the behavior of an individual client based on his activity on the landing page. You can find our information such as, when the client or prospect responded to the direct mail piece, how often the client accesses the URL, how did the client respond to certain prompts or questions, and which links the client clicked.
  • PURLs help companies gain more information on their target audience. Usually companies will launch direct mail marketing campaigns with personalized URLs, encouraging customers to visit a website and fill out a quick survey to receive a discount or gift. Usually when they fill out the survey you can get the to fill out a form with their name, address, email address, and other information about their likes and dislikes about certain products. The more information a company receives the better because then they can make even more targeted marketing campaigns in the future.

As you can see PURLs really enhance a campaign due to the amount of insight a company can gain about their target audience. This will definitely help cut cost and increase response rates in future. Does your company use PURLs in their marketing campaigns?

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