Promotional Items Earn Attention and Appreciation

Marketing today is a never-ending rush to the latest technology or media channel. To be honest, I understand the obsession. Because as audiences get more and more fragmented, it’s harder to reach them. Thus, it’s important to make sure your brand goes where those audiences go. But it amazes me that some marketers miss the opportunity to use the kind of advertising those targets take with them everywhere they go, by choice: promotional items.

Instead of advertising that “chases” your targets, promotional items fit comfortably into their lives. They are used, or seen, or worn repeatedly, in situations where your prospects and customers are relaxed and comfortable. Your brand doesn’t appear as an interruption to their preferred activities, but rather a part of them. Studies have shown that promotional items generate warmth and gratitude from those who receive them. In addition, they remember you as a result. I’ve posted about those findings before.

A Million Ways to Make Your Brand Memorable

Sure, the fact that there are so many promotional items available can be daunting. But that variety—along with your creativity—is one great reason this form of advertising works so well. That’s because by thinking about your business and your customers, you can choose items that are the most appropriate, and that will be the most appreciated.

A business-focused relationship may cause you to think about portfolios, datebooks, laptop sleeves or perhaps a handsome coffee mug with your logo on it. (Those morning sips of coffee are precious and satisfying. Wouldn’t you like them to be thinking about you as they enjoy it?)

Something a bit sportier or fun feel appropriate? Choose an attractive polo shirt, cap, or T-shirt with your company’s graphics on it. The recipient may wear it proudly at special times for years. (Even better, that “favorite garment” will be displaying your company to scores of friends along the way.)

When Do Promotional Items Make Sense?

Well, I’m tempted to say, “when you want the sale.” But if you want some specific ideas, you might consider:

  • Trade Show Giveaways. First, your exhibit attracts more attention with giveaways. Second, they do a great job of reinforcing your sales message and getting the conversation started with a new prospect. Trade show attendees visit hundreds of booths; help them remember yours.
  • Sales Call Leave-behinds. Again, with the right item, it can provide a permanent reminder of your product or corporate message, and express gratitude for the prospect’s time in meeting with you. It’s all about relationships today, of course, and this will help.
  • Planned Promotional Mailings. The best promotional product programs are not one-off, random ideas. They are, instead, part of well-devised annual strategies. These “battle plans”  take advantage of product news, selling seasons, sales cycles and other variables that help them have more impact.

I’ll be talking more about organized promotional product programs in my next post. I’ll also suggest some ways you can not only make the process more effective for your brand but also more efficient. You can put your brand in all the right places at all the right times without having to monitor, order and administrate the process.

Don’t Wait. We Can Help Right Now.

Perhaps I’ve sparked your interest, and you may not resist checking out the almost one million promotional items in our catalog. If you do, don’t be overwhelmed. Contact us today, or reach out to one of our award-winning sales reps for a promotional item review. We promise to make your life easier. I’ll be explaining more about how on Thursday. Don’t miss it!

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