And How Many Additional Sales Are You Leaving on the Table as a Result?

I’m a big fan of promotional marketing for one big reason: it deepens relationships. Your relationships with customers, prospects and employees are the biggest determining factors in the success of your business. Therefore, I believe that no marketing dollars are better spent than those devoted to building and strengthening the loyalty all those people feel toward your business.

And promotional products work better than almost anything else you could be doing, and don’t miss the series I’m launching with today’s post. You’ll find plenty of proof that promotional marketing works—and plenty of good ideas of how it can work for you.

What are the 10 Promotional Marketing Programs You Could Be Missing?

Look through the promotional marketing checklist below of proven, effective promotional marketing opportunities that are generating success for thousands of businesses.

FACT: Your Customers Love Promotional Marketing Items

You might hear people in marketing stating that television delivers the single biggest audience for your message. Others will point to how many hours people spend online each day, and pronounce the Internet the “hot” medium. But you won’t hear them claim that consumers prefer those advertising channels or are most likely to be influenced by them.

That’s because both TV and the Internet – not to mention newspapers, radio, magazines, and mobile—all finish below promotional items on that score.  According to independent research commissioned by the Advertising Specialty Institute:

  • Promotional products are the form of advertising most highly regarded by consumers
  • Consumers under 55 prefer promotional products to all other forms of advertising

Anyone who thinks promotional items are “old school” may need a bit more schooling, period.

More Promotional Marketing Facts

I’ve seen a great deal of other research that demonstrates the value of promotional products as well. Here are a few results from studies done by Baylor, Louisiana State, and Georgia Southern universities along with some independent research firms.


In one study, 76.1 percent of the participants could recall the name of the advertiser on a promotional product they had received during the previous year. Only 53.5 percent could recall the name of an advertiser they had seen in a magazine or newspaper. And a mere 27 percent could remember an advertiser from an online banner ad.


People who receive promotional products have a more favorable impression of the companies that gave them the items. In one study, more than half the respondents felt that way; in another, three-quarters of those participating agreed.


In a study by L.J. Market Research, more than half of the participants had done business with an advertiser from whom they had received a promotional product. Of those who had not, almost half said they were more likely to do so in the future.

Stay Tuned In

For the next few weeks, I will be addressing the items on this list, devoting a post to each one. I will explain what makes each an excellent promotional marketing opportunity, and why it should be part of your marketing program. In the mean time, it might make good sense for you to sign up for our newsletter (top right column of this page). That way you can be sure you won’t miss any of the ideas and topics we share, based on our long history of understanding clients’ businesses and making them work better.

After all, the positive comments of our customers and clients earned us our second (now fifth) consecutive Best of Print and Digital win recently. And we’re one of the few promotional marketing companies who have earned ISO certification. That means our systems and procedures are carefully designed and rigorously executed to help ensure the same excellent results for our customers going forward.  See you here Thursday!

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