Promotional Marketing Gets Employees AND Your Company Recognized

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on September 18, 2018

Promotional Marketing Gets Employees AND Your Company RecognizedPromotional Marketing Products Are The SMART Choice for Employee Awards

Our current series deals with promotional marketing programs your company could and should be using to its advantage. Today’s focus is an internal one; it deals with employees and how to properly reward them for exceptional performance.

It sounds like a cliché, but smart company owners and managers realize that employees are their most important assets. They have a huge impact on the quality of the products and services you deliver to customers. Further, dedicated employees serve as excellent “brand ambassadors” in conveying a positive image of your company.

A Smart Way to Honor Commitment and Achievement

I have written about the studies that have shown that what employees want most, is appreciation. While compensation is certainly part of that, so is an acknowledgment by managers of their productivity and longevity. To that end, companies use a variety of tactics. Among the most popular:

  • Established programs that “automatically” trigger awards as an employee reaches pre-determined levels of productivity
  • Periodic “one-time” awards that recognize unusual effort or exceptional results on a particular project
  • Annual recognition meetings or ceremonies in which employees who have attained certain years-of-service levels are celebrated

As you can see, there are many different opportunities when it comes to deciding “when” an award is appropriate. But if you want your company to benefit along with the employee, the “what” is especially important. That’s where promotional products come in.

Recipients Welcome Promotional Products

Your employees (especially those whose performance you wish to reward) hold your company in high regard. It is not merely a job, but a place to which they devote a great deal of time, energy and effort. Thus an item bearing the identity of your brand or company is the ideal choice as an award for those employees.

In fact, a recent study referenced the fact that non-monetary incentives can motivate workers more effectively than financial ones in ways that encourage loyalty and build self-esteem. I would imagine that is equally true of employee award and recognition programs.

Something small and useful, such as an umbrella or desk accessory, should work well as a lower-level award for achieving a nominal sales or efficiency level. However, what if you need to honor a higher threshold of accomplishment, or recognize a special employee anniversary? There are literally thousands of creative and higher-value items from which to choose. A leather portfolio, handsome luggage, or an attractive jacket from a respected brand name are just a few examples.

Recognize the Opportunity Promotional Products Provide

Employees who feel respected will help you grow your business and carry your company forward. We’ve learned that from experience, as Superior Business Solutions has been helping businesses become more efficient for nearly a century.

Our processes and business practices measure up to rather high standards. Our ISO certification is evidence of that. And feedback from our customers has earned us two consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards.

Contact Superior for a promotional product audit. We’ll help you assess your needs. And we’ll help you identify opportunities to use promotional marketing programs to build business and reinforce the commitment and loyalty shown by your key employees. Think of it as protecting your most valuable assets.

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