For Promotional Items, Quality Brands Count

If you have an old-school impression of promotional items as cheap giveaways, it may rob your company of the many benefits a solid promotional marketing program involving top brands can bring. The right item can grab the attention of prospects and help them remember your company. It can also strengthen an existing customer relationship. And it’s a great way to thank a good customer, recognize a valued employee or show appreciation for a valued partner or supplier for helping your business grow.

Research shows that today promotional items are the form of advertising best received by consumers. That’s the result of creative thinking and smart promotional marketing partnerships. Contemporary marketers don’t choose promotional items based on which are the cheapest and easiest to get. They instead consider their customers and prospects will most appreciate which items, and which will help establish the most memorable connection to the brand.

The Best Brands Leave the Best Impression

One way to ensure success in your promotional marketing is to choose promotional products from respected brands. The credibility those brands carry enhances the perceived value of your gift. As a result, clients and prospects are more likely to attach a positive feeling to your brand. Here are 15 great examples to consider for your next promotional marketing effort.

  1. Movado Watches

Watches say “class.” Movado watches say it with a little more flair and style. Many models and styles are available. And is there ever a bad time for the lucky recipient to see your logo?

15 Promotional Marketing Motivators from Top Brands

  1. Bose Electronics

The name Bose means quality sound. You can take advantage of that reputation by adding your company logo to Bose products. Choose headphones, speakers or even complete entertainment systems. It’s a sound decision in more ways than one.

15 Promotional Marketing Motivators from Top Brands

  1. Broil King Grills and Accessories

Broil King calls their products “the best grill you’ll ever own.” With the popularity of grilling in America, the important client or valuable employee who receives it from you is likely to call it the best gift ever. Think they’ll forget?

15 Promotional Marketing Motivators from Top Brands


  1. Pandora Muranos and Silver Charms

The number of people who collect and treasure Pandora charms is truly amazing. Even those who don’t collect them will appreciate the beauty and contemporary themes and scenes conveyed by these beautiful silver or Murano glass charms. How about a unique charm that relates to your industry, and carries your logo? Good way to get your business … cruising.

15 Promotional Marketing Motivators from Top Brands

  1. Alan Pendergrass Robes, Cosmetic Cases and Thermal Pillows

Products from Alan Pendergrass have one thing in common: they make your day more pleasant, more relaxing and more comfortable. Your subtle logo will serve as a grateful reminder of your thoughtfulness at just the right time, every day.

15 Promotional Marketing Motivators from Top Brands

  1. Buck® Knives

If your customers and prospects are hunters, campers or other outdoorsy types (heck, even homeowners), they’ll find plenty of use for a versatile knife from this legendary collection.

15 Promotional Marketing Motivators from Top Brands

  1. Char-Broil Gas Grills, Smokers and Accessories

Think of how many delicious and fun group and family dinners have come from Char-Broil®  grills, one of America’s best-known grilling brands. And your company’s logo can earn you part of the credit for great food and special gatherings. Need smaller items? How about tools, or silicone grilling mitts, so your logo is always, uh—on hand?

15 Promotional Marketing Motivators from Top Brands

  1. Chic Buds Headphones and Portable Power for Ladies

If your target audience is female, imagine their response to these unique Luv Buds with flat cords and fashion-forward designs. Portable power supplies including purses that can recharge a smartphone are also available.

15 Promotional Marketing Motivators from Top Brands

  1. CR Plastics Outdoor Furniture

Decks and patios are designed for one thing: good times. Furniture from CR Plastics displays that spirit of fun and relaxation. Even better, it’s all made from 100% recycled plastics, so your promotional marketing effort is “green” no matter what color furniture you choose!

15 Promotional Marketing Motivators from Top Brands

  1. Escali Kitchen and Bath Scales

A promotional gift that will really carry some weight. Your consumers and business associates track and measure everything carefully today, from recipe ingredients to their physical fitness. That’s why, on a scale of one to 10, Escali products are “10s” all the way.

15 Promotional Marketing Motivators from Top Brands

  1. Huffy Adult and Children’s Bicycles

For a special promotional marketing opportunity, a bicycle is a memorable choice. Depending on your target audience, you can choose men’s, women’s and kids’ bikes in a variety of types and styles. Want to impact your most valuable customers and prospects or others important to your business? Who isn’t into fun and/or fitness? Don’t reinvent the wheel—just give it to them, with your company name on it.

15 Promotional Marketing Motivators from Top Brands

  1. KYSEK Coolers and Tumblers

KYSEK products are as good as it gets, using the latest technologies to keep things cooler longer—and look cool doing it. Gift your key people with a picnic cooler, or give customers and prospects a tumbler they can use every day—and remember you when they do.

15 Promotional Marketing Motivators from Top Brands

  1. Vera Bradley Designer Handbags and Accessories

It’s an iconic brand—and people can’t get enough of it. Choose from traditional handbags, totes and wallets to home furnishings like shams, pillows, dinnerware—even beach towels. Your recipients will recognize it ─ and love it ─ immediately.

15 Promotional Marketing Motivators from Top Brands

  1. Waterloo Tool Storage

If your key customers and prospects are hard-working folks, here’s an idea will work well for you. Waterloo makes tool storage equipment, from portable boxes and carts to stationary tool cabinets. You know how you appreciate those who make your workday easier; they’ll feel the same way about you and your company every day as they use these.

15 Promotional Marketing Motivators from Top Brands

  1. Yankee Candle Products

There’s no better name in candles. And few promotional products carry the aesthetic imagery of a relaxing flame enjoyed in a casual, personal moment. Your recipients’ eyes will light up at the very thought when you gift them a Yankee Candle; many types, sizes and scents available.

15 Promotional Marketing Motivators from Top Brands

 But Which Promotional Marketing Item to Choose?

So many good choices, how do you decide? Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. We’ve got the expertise and experience to know which items work best for your purposes. Contact Superior today and we’d be glad to discuss your needs, your target audience and your industry. We can suggest items that will make your promotional marketing a major success.

We have nearly 100 years’ experience in helping business achieve their objectives, marketing smarter and more effectively. Our ISO certification holds us to higher standards of performance. And our two consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards as voted by our customers should give you extra assurance that we know how to help. Let’s talk!

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