With Direct Mail Your Messages Hit Home

Right now, with so many of us working from home, there has never been a better time for direct mail campaigns. Receiving a message in the mail is a breath of fresh air, which I think presents an incredible opportunity for direct mail success!

Direct Mail Campaigns – Putting the “Touch” in Touchpoint

As confusing and disruptive as our current situation can be, it does open the door for creating a deeper relationship with your customers and prospects (and employees too, for that matter).

A direct mail program that periodically puts bright, colorful, creative messaging literally in their hands builds connections.

Direct mail, especially as part of a continuing campaign, creates a feeling of community. A piece of mail feels more personal than a text or email ever could. It’s a more tangible effort to connect, which adds a sense of caring and camaraderie that provides a wonderful foundation for turning prospects into customers and customers into friends.

An ongoing campaign of at least three to five pieces mailed at intervals can keep you and your company top of mind.

That’s because engaging, creative messages delivered in print start to feel less like a sales pitch and more like an old friend “checking in.”

Some “Perfect for Right Now” Direct Mail Ideas

I have a few thoughts to share that might help you take full advantage of the isolation many folks are feeling during COVID-19.

While I have plenty of others, I think these are timely, and we can help you take action on them pronto.

3 Ways to Put Direct Mail Campaigns To Work for Your Organization

  1. Catalogs Are King

Let’s start with a simple fact: catalogs are the most-often-read type of advertising mail. According to a U.S. Postal Service case study, 46 percent of households read catalogs.

This is not surprising.

While you can scroll endlessly online and see lots of items, those items aren’t as involving or engaging as they are when presented in an attractive, full-color catalog you can hold in your hand and page through comfortably.

In addition, catalogs tend to be kept around, so people keep on enjoying and referring to them. It’s the difference between, “Hey, check THIS out” and “Thought I saved that URL somewhere…”.

Every time they revisit your printed catalog, it’s another valuable “touchpoint.”

Maybe it’s time to create a printed catalog for your business. Design one for current customers to show them your new offerings or remind them of your quality product line to encourage them to order more and order sooner.

Or create a catalog with specific merchandise and messaging to engage a new target audience, perhaps in a market segment or geographical area you have your eye on.

Catalogs are just too good a marketing opportunity to pass up.

  1. Create a Company Magazine or Newsletter

Print magazines are enjoying a rebirth, but private companies and online retailers are the ones doing the publishing.

Many companies have created magazines that feature the lifestyles and interests of their customers.

Products are tastefully included, but by showing the company “belongs” as part of the customer’s life, its image and acceptance among its target audience is enhanced.

Our COVID-19 situation also presents a unique reason to create a printed company newsletter. The flow of online information is important. But an eye-pleasing newsletter that shows up in the day’s mail adds something important. It is a refreshing diversion and builds team spirit and company loyalty.

  1. The “Secret” to Direct Mail

Not long ago, I told you here about the direct mail secret that increases response rates and sales.

If you didn’t see it, it might surprise you.

It turns out that direct mail and email are not “either/or” propositions. Statistics show that when you combine direct mail and email, the response rate for your direct mail program will improve significantly, and your sales will do the same. By leveraging the advantages of both platforms, you benefit from their combined strengths.

Direct mail presents products in their best light, in the most impactful form preferred by consumers.

Email adds immediacy and response capabilities that further the sales process.

Profit from Our Direct Mail Experience

We know how to make direct mail work for you.

We’ve gained unequaled experience as we’ve been helping businesses work more efficiently for nearly 100 years now.

Our ISO certification demands a constant focus on customer service and results. And our four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards is a good indicator of those results since they are the result of reviews provided by our customers.

Don’t wait for things to “get back to normal.” Because your best opportunity to build relationships and profit might be right now.

Contact Superior or ask your Superior sales consultant for help making the most of direct mail campaigns.

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