Get Help in Rush Situations—and in Avoiding Them

We talk frequently about promotional items here for a couple reasons. First, research tells us they are the most effective form of advertising you can use. But I also want to help businesses use them more effectively. Many organizations use promotional items less frequently than they should. That lack of experience often means stress, uncertainty, rush orders and higher costs than necessary.

A trusted and experienced promotional item partner can help you avoid these wastes of energy and resources. At Superior Business Solutions, we help our clients make the most of “one-off” promotional product efforts. But even better, we help them establish a program of effective promotional item management, such as our custom online company stores for promotional products call Corporate Kiosk, that makes “fire drills” unnecessary, and ensures quality and continuity at the lowest possible cost.

6 Ways We Make Your Promotional Item Experience Better

Most companies honestly don’t know what to look for when choosing a promotional item partner. So I thought I’d list a few of the benefits a partner can offer to add value to the relationship.

  1. 1-day and 3-day Rush Service

If you don’t have an established promotional item partnership, you can get caught in situations where time is absolutely critical. And even in the best circumstances, things can “happen”. Superior Business Solutions can provide items on a one and three-day basis. In other words, we hurry to eliminate your worry.

  1. Free Virtual Samples

This one is just what it sounds like. With some promotional item providers, you send off your logo and message for imprinting and hoping for the best. But Superior Business Solutions can show you, online, exactly what your promotional item will look like. You get the security of inspecting it beforehand– and making changes if it’s not exactly how you envisioned it.

  1. “Spec” Samples Available

There are many promotional products available through a quality provider. Superior, for example, gives you access to nearly a million. So it can be difficult to make your final choice. Sometimes the ability to actually see and hold an item will simplify your decision. A good provider can make that possible by having “spec” samples sent to you.

  1. Freight Discounts

For large promotional items, large quantities or multi-site deliveries, shipping costs can be a significant part of the overall expenditure. High-volume providers with a deep roster of approved vendors can often negotiate freight discounts to reduce these costs. In addition, advanced technologies can make it easier to ship direct to final locations (i.e., trade shows or other events) to reduce extra handling and the associated costs.

  1. Exclusive Brands

Promotional items can sometimes seem like commodities; many “standard” brands are commonly available. But we have developed exclusive relationships with well-known brands. That allows you to offer promotional items that recipients value more highly. Moreover, high-quality proprietary brands can leave a positive impression with customers and prospects.

  1. Incredible Pricing

Pricing on promotional items can be very confusing. Some companies (unfortunately) list prices that are artificially high to offer special “discounts” bringing those prices down to what they should have been in the first place. The best way to ensure you are minimizing your costs is to work with an experienced, reputable provider.

Superior Business Solutions has been helping businesses succeed through promotional items, print management and other marketing enablement tools for nearly 100 years. Our relationships and our business volume permit us to offer the lowest possible pricing on promotional items. Often our per-item cost on small quantities is lower than the per-item costs others charge for much larger quantities.

Technology and Experience Come With Every Order

Superior offers a level of custom promotional product performance that other companies can’t. Our experience allows us to put together a plan to help you manage your use of promotional items with maximum efficiency and results. With our Corporate Kiosk™ e-procurement technology, you can approve selected promotional items that meet all your objectives. Then you can make those items available for authorized employees to order through an online portal. Every detail is controlled, and every efficiency planned for.

Our ISO certification ensures that we meet the most stringent customer service standards. And our recent Best of Print and Digital award for the second consecutive year is strong evidence we are meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectation. They’re the ones who chose us for the award.

Contact Superior Business Solutions today—link atop this page—and ask for a promotional item audit. This is one time you should hurry. Make sure you have all these advantages on your side next time you use promotional items to market your business.

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