What Are the Most Influential Promotional Products

What Promotional Products are the Most Influential?

In a post earlier this week I wrote about the rather amazing effectiveness of promotional products. The information, from a survey conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), showed that promotional products are the most highly regarded form of advertising, with every adult age group under age 55 saying that they “liked it best” when compared to newspapers, radio, television, Internet and mobile advertising.

That’s an impressive endorsement, but “promotional products” is a very broad category. We know that very well. As one of the world’s most experienced providers of promotional product management, we give our clients access to a virtually unlimited range of promotional product categories and types. Variety and creativity make the options almost endless!

But exactly which promotional products are most successful at leaving a positive opinion of the advertisers providing them? The survey from ASI also sheds light on that question.

What Promotional Product Drives the Discussion?

There are many different items that evoke a sense of gratitude and appreciation from recipients, but if you really want to plug into a positive vibe, overall in the United States, the USB drive is king!  Both men and women regard the handy mobile storage devices most favorably, calling it the promotional product that most influences their opinions of advertisers. A wide range of storage capacities are available, and prices are very reasonable.

That’s one reason it’s such a popular choice for companies looking for the perfect giveaway for tradeshows, prospect meetings and more. Another reason is that some companies load electronic versions of their brochures and other printed promotional materials onto the drives. Customers are exposed to the information once on the USB drive, then use the drive for their own purposes. The “hard copy” printed promotional materials live on, so everybody wins.

Other VIPP’s (Very Influential Promotional Products)

Several other items are also very popular with consumers. In second place is outerwear like logo’d jackets, sweatshirts and other durable outer garments. Next is drinkwear, which can include everything from coffee mugs (both portable travel cups and ceramic “at home” varieties) to fashionable and authentic “pint” beer glasses and more. Beverages are very important to people, whether it’s their morning “joe” or their relaxing after-work refreshments.

In fourth place are writing instruments. A stylish pen or highlighter can last for months or longer on a desk because it’s more than handy, it puts your company identity literally in your prospect’s or customer’s hands each time they use it!  Rounding out the top five is performance wear  which is understandable given the priority placed today on fitness and working out. Hey, even those who don’t exercise want to be comfy!

Who Says You Can’t Buy Influence?

Naturally I’m biased as we’ve seen the incredible return on investment promotional products can deliver for literally thousands of our clients. Many of them go one step further and use our Corporate Kiosk technology to simplify the ordering process for their employees by specifying approved items and automating the process required to order them.

If you have any thoughts or questions about all this, by all means give me a call. I’m happy to help and offer the benefit of our experience on this topic. Next week, I’ll share even more information from the ASI survey, including the most influential promotional products by state! And did you know that urban, suburban and rural residents each have a different opinion as to which promotional product influences them the most?  Is it an umbrella?  A mobile power unit for recharging your cell phone?  An all-purpose carrying bag or tote? Tell you next week.

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