A Gift They Will Appreciate, Use and Remember

Getting ready to send your holiday corporate promotional items?  Still in the planning process? Either way, today’s post couldn’t be more timely.

These exceptional gift wrap kits are a terrific finishing touch to gifts you are already planning to send. AND they make excellent gifts themselves!

Enhance a Wonderful Gift

If you’ve already chosen a promotional gift item, these coordinated gift wrap kits will give those items added impact. The striking presentation that combines beautiful paper and coordinated ribbons will command immediate attention when they arrive.

Why not take things even further? You have the option of having your corporate logo or branding added. You can have your logo hot-stamped crisply on the lid of each box.

For even more impact, why not have the ribbon customized with your logo, and wrapped around each box. That way your company is an integral part of the dramatic appearance each gift creates.

It Can Also BE a Wonderful Gift

Still considering promotional gifts for key customers and clients or prospects, and even your loyal employees? Your job just got easier.

Your recipients will delight in receiving one of these beautiful kits from you. Then, they will immediately put them to use in wrapping their own gifts, both personal and corporate.

The festive paper and accessories like ribbons, bows, tissue paper and gift bags (depending upon the kit chosen) will delight them. The appealing designs and graphics along with coordinating materials are hard to find. And your key people will be thrilled that you provided them.

Choices Worth Celebrating

Whichever way you plan to use these gift wrap kits, remember that you have almost unlimited options. Prepackaged kits are available with anywhere from two to eight rolls of visually stunning premium and/or metallic foil paper and many different trimmings.

And don’t forget that Superior has special expertise in promotional kitting. We can put together combinations from these kits, and package them with other promotional items chosen uniquely for your recipients.

That offers the best of both worlds – the breathtaking impact of a beautifully wrapped gift with an especially memorable or functional item selected just for those special relationships. We can even package them in a special, keepsake gift box.

A Gift for Helping Businesses

Ever since our founding in 1924, we’ve made it our only business to help other businesses run more efficiently. We have built an incredibly strong network of suppliers around the world we know we can trust with your project, whatever it is.

And remember, that help can come in the form of a print supply chain that meets all your needs, promotional items for the holidays or any other business needs throughout the year.

(And remember, this year, it even included sourcing and providing critical N95 protective masks and other PPE for organizations ranging from small businesses to the state of Michigan!)

Our ISO certification provides a roadmap for the relentless customer service we provide  And our four consecutive Best of Print and Digital wins suggest that our process delivers for our customers.

Look Forward to a Superior Holiday Season

Contact Superior or your Superior sales consultant today. We can work to put a bow on your corporate holiday promotional gifting and help your business succeed in hundreds of other ways. Doesn’t that just about wrap it up?

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