Supply Chain Disruptions…Order Promotional Gifts for Holiday Corporate Gifting Early!

Summer just started. Who wants to think about the December holiday season NOW? Well, this year, every smart business owner or manager had better do just that.

Here’s why. We’ve all seen the impact that the pandemic has had on product availability. Shoppers have faced shortages of many items in grocery and other retail stores, with shipments delayed and supply chains struggling to keep up.

All of us have heard about businesses suffering a shortage of workers as things head back toward normal. Perhaps your business has had to deal with some similar issues.

The same things have affected the promotional products industry.

Will YOUR Supply Chain Fail?

During 2020 and early 2021, buyers have had to deal with price increases, inventory outages, lengthened production times, and other unpleasant effects of the pandemic.

Promotional marketing works in a perfect way to thank clients and employees and build goodwill with business associates, including key prospects. Promotional products are the most welcomed form of advertising. That’s why smart marketers use them throughout the year.

But nearly all companies turn to promotional products and greeting cards during the holiday season.

That makes autumn through the fourth quarter the promotional product industry’s busiest time. So it seems reasonable to anticipate increased stress on the system as the holidays approach.

Again, consider the potential hang-ups:

  • Suppliers everywhere may face staffing issues

  • Acquiring sufficient quantities of first-choice products could be difficult

  • Getting products properly decorated and shipped in a timely fashion will be a challenge

  • Domestic (and international) transport carriers, already stretched, may simply not be able to deliver the same service, placing deadlines in jeopardy

Can Your Current Promotional Product Supplier Deliver?

This may be the most important time ever to truly trust your supply chain management process.

If we aren’t working together yet, do you have a partner as knowledgeable and experienced as Superior?

Our reputation is proven for delivering exceptional service on promotional products. Coming through for our customers is something we take very seriously. Two cases in point:

  1. Timely “Heads Up”

We have been helping businesses in every way possible for nearly 100 years. And by alerting you to situations like this, we are demonstrating the kind of insight and guidance we can offer you.

Could the situation improve and return us to normal by the holidays? Sure, it’s possible.

But we are being very serious when we say that you will want to start ordering your holiday cards and corporate gifts right now in order to secure exactly the products that you want and that you get them when you want them.

Proactive planning can help avoid worry, disappointment –or even panic—later on.

  1. Unmatched Resources

Superior has more than the ability to “see around corners” to head off problems. We have the worldwide resources to solve them. We have literally thousands of tested vendors and suppliers that we can leverage to keep our customers out of tight situations.

We can use our resources in this case as we did during the pandemic with PPE when we delivered 7 million respirators when other suppliers failed.

We may be able to work more miracles than other promotional product providers. But business wisdom calls for actions that eliminate the need for miracles. In our opinion, that means acting NOW.

The Right Call to Make — NOW

I hope we’ve convinced you to take this situation seriously and move up your holiday card and corporate gift plans to “ASAP.”  And of course, I believe those plans should be made through Superior.

Our ISO certification provides a customer service standard that adds stability and certainty when situations appear tenuous. And our customers have provided objective reviews on our service that have earned us Best of Print and Digital awards for five straight years.

So reach out to Superior or your always-on-top-of-things Superior sales rep today, and get those holiday card and corporate gift orders underway. (You’ll find contact information in the menus at the top of this page.)

But do it soon.  And definitely don’t wait till the last minute. Because this year, if you hold off until you hear “chestnuts roasting on an open fire,” it might be your corporate holiday gifting plans going up in smoke.

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