The Best Auto Industry Promotional Items for Free-wheeling Fun

Hope you had a happy 4th of July. And speaking of fourth – it’s time for us to wrap up our four-part series on promotional items that celebrate the automobile industry. So far, we’ve covered some safety-first specialties and a batch of high-tech helpers. Today, let’s look at some that are great choices for just adding to your prospect’s fun and enjoyment of driving.

We may not all drive sports cars and flashy convertibles. But it sure seems like Americans and road trips were made for one another. We’ve got access to hundreds of automotive promotional items that are playful and pleasant additions that go along for the ride when your key customers and prospects hit the road. All throughout the year, your logo is also there, mile after mile.

Smiles for Miles

You can check out the full assortment if you’ve got the time and inclination. But I’ve picked out a few here that I think fill the bill. Own or manage a car dealership? Operate an auto repair center or parts store? Provide a key component or assembly for a manufacturer? How about one of these automotive promotional items for your next trade show, sales call or special event?

  1. Custom Automotive Air Fresheners

customized automotive air freshenersYou’ll be looking good when you help them keep their vehicles smelling good! Air fresheners are win-wins in many ways. They can be quite inexpensive, but they do an important job and do it right where your logo is on constant display.

Choose fresheners that clip onto dashboard vents or simple paper “hanging” models.  You get complete control of what shape the item has, and what message (along with your logo) it can carry. Smells like an opportunity, year-round, for plenty of creativity to me. (And we can help you there.)

  1. Customized Auto Shades

customized auto shadesIronically enough, one of the “hottest” summertime auto-related promo items helps keep the summer heat out of your car. We offer a variety of different windshield sun-blockers in fabric and other materials. They may block the heat – but provide a very cool way to take your message to the streets.

One of the best things about sunshades as promotional items is their display area. That sunlight doesn’t hit the car’s interior, but it shines on your branding message as it sits big, bold and bright in the windshield of your prospects’ cars. Most fold into themselves with a spring mechanism for convenient storage.

  1. Custom Bumper Stickers

custom bumper stickers Know what’s even better than your customers and prospects being exposed to your brand message all year long? Thousands of additional potential customers seeing it too. That’s just what stickers (for bumpers, windows or wherever) can accomplish. The size, shape and colors are virtually unlimited. And so is the amount of exposure your business can receive.

It’s a great opportunity to be creative. A colorful graphic and a fun message along with your name or logo are fun to display. And who can resist noticing them in the middle of busy summer traffic? Bumper stickers and other adhesive formats are as popular as ever. And they make your business even “cooler” when others are happy to share your message for you.

  1. Customized License Plate Accessories

customized license plate accessoriesThey’ll see you coming and going! That’s one big reason license plate frames and other similar accessories are so popular as promotional gifts. They not only help protect the plate but provide a long-lasting exposure for your business as your prospects and customers roll up the summer (and year-round) mileage. They’ll be proud to show their support for your business or organization.

And don’t forget other options, like trailer hitch covers or the full license-plate sized designs for use in states that don’t require front license plates. These items are not expensive. But they put both the owner of the car and all those who see it in a good “frame’ of mind when they see your message.

Auto Industry Promo Items – Did YOU Get the Message?

For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been highlighting the unique bond between Americans and their cars. (And the companies that give them things for their cars.) I hope you’ve been following along, and can take advantage of this unique relationship with the right promo items. We are certainly a good source of creativity and expertise.

Our nearly 100 years of helping businesses run efficiently are only the beginning. The ISO certification that we’ve worked hard to achieve and maintain provides a dependable framework for getting results. And the three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards we’ve earned from our customers wouldn’t be there without those results.

We’ve got the experience and creativity to help you choose the right item and the right message. And our nearly 2,000 trusted print and promotional product vendors give us plenty of options to meet your schedule, your budget, and your quality expectations. So contact Superior today to get some great promo ideas rolling, whether they are auto-related or not!

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