Is Your Business Car-Connected? You “Auto” Read This.

You know what man invented right after the wheel? I’m guessing the horn, so he could let the guy in front of him know he should move his wheel a little faster.  Okay, silly joke. But today and for the next few posts, we’re going to talk promotional items that have to do with cars. And if your business has any connection to cars and the automotive industry, stay tuned: you have a lot of business to gain. Here’s why:

  • Americans love their cars. It’s a cliché, but it’s true. Whether it’s the looks, the power, the convenience or some other factor, we have special relationships with our vehicles of choice. And we like to personalize them to make them uniquely ours.
  • In the summertime, we spend more time in our cars. Simple fact. Vacations, or just finding it easier and more fun to get around on dry roads and nice weather.

Cars Connect You to Prospects

That situation is custom-made for any company connected to the auto industry. That includes car dealerships, supply chain parts suppliers, auto parts stores, rental agencies, repair shops, car washes and more. The list goes on and on.

Here’s the “win-win.” Promo items are the best form of advertising to begin with. (Research shows it’s the most effective channel.) And when you choose an item that revolves around your prospects’ cars, you are enhancing something they already care about. And you’re putting your company’s name on it.

Three Kinds of Car-connected Promotional Gifts

We offer a great choice of the best automotive promotional items, in several different “categories.”  I’ll be talking about them in order in my next three posts.

  1. Safety-Related Promotional Items

Nothing is more important than safety. So on Thursday, I’ll be talking about things to make road trips safer in a number of ways. These include things like flashlights, gauges, tool kits, window scrapers and first-aid kits. Your prospects will appreciate the item. And the concern for their safety.

  1. High-Tech Accessories

Next week I’ll touch on two more categories, starting with high-tech add-ons to make time spent on the road more efficient and up to date. Chances are, most of your prospects are business-people, so they’ll appreciate this assortment of accessories involving GPS, music and entertainment, along with some smartphone-related items.

  1. Just for Fun and Comfort

I’ll finish the series off discussing promotional items that really pay off that “fun in the sun” attitude perfect for summer driving. You’ll find things like auto shades, air fresheners and those “make-it-your-own” touches like bumper stickers and license-plate frames and accessories.

There are so many great choices it won’t be easy to decide. And maybe you don’t have to. Because we can help you “kit” a few appropriate items that would go well together to make a great prospect reminder, test-drive reward or a dozen other uses. We can even help you set up your own virtual company store so your people in different locations can choose from approved items and make their own “kit” for key prospects and customers.

Wait Until You See Them. (Or Don’t)

I like cars as much as the next guy. But I really love helping businesses make great choices that increase their efficiency. We’ve been doing that for nearly 100 years now. And we’ve earned three straight Best of Print and Digital awards from our customers for the results. Our ISO certification helps ensure that we measure up every time.

These automotive promotional items will work for you no matter what business you are in. Because your prospects love cars. Come back for the next posts this series and let’s get down to (auto) business. If you can’t wait, get in touch with your Superior Sales Rep. Or contact Superior today. We’ll work with you to choose the perfect auto industry promo item. And your business will get plenty of mileage out of it.

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