Connect with Sales: the Best Tech-related Auto Industry Promotional Items

Happy 4th of July week! Enjoy, whether you’re planning a backyard BBQ or a road trip. It is driving season, and as you know, last week I talked about why auto-themed promotional items are so popular, and also looked at some that are focused on safety.

Today, I’d like to continue the series by featuring items with a technology focus. Your employees, customers, and key prospects spend a lot of time in cars. Give them an accessory they can use to make that time more productive and enjoyable; you’ll be scoring points every time they see your logo while using it.

The Best Tech-related Promotional Items for the Car

Cars have become our home-away-from-home. It’s also our office-away-from-home, concert-hall-away-from home and more (you get the idea). So there are many high-tech promotional items that will do the job. But I’d like to feature a few favorite categories today.

  1. GPS Accessories

customized automotive promotional tech gps

Our promo items include a variety of GPS devices themselves; perfect for those high-value employees or prospects and long-term customers. But you’ve got many other options as well. Holders that eliminate the tedious and dangerous (and often illegal) fumbling around with a phone or GPS device in your hand. (The relatively inexpensive item pictured, for example, collects change and small items while displaying your smartphone GPS hands-free and visible.)

  1. Phone Accessories

automotive promotional products phone accessories

Our phones are with us everywhere. And like it or not, that includes the car. Thus, it’s a constant challenge to be able to do more with our phones in the car yet do it safely. Your prospects will appreciate any promotional item that helps them do one or both of those things.

You can select many different phone-related accessories as promotional gifts. Some of them are handy to have with your phone anywhere, including the car. Fans, stands, charging banks and cleaning kits help keep the phone working efficiently. (The item pictured provides cables, chargers, and connectors to make sure your prospect’s phone is ready for anything.) Other accessories provide safe, hands-free operation, like versatile and adjustable phone holders.

  1. Music Accessories

automotive promotional products The longer we spend in our vehicles, the more we look to be entertained along the way. We depend on our music apps, podcasts, audiobooks, and other sources for hours of good listening.  Give promotional gifts to your prospects that increase their options or make their music easier to access. You’ll be their MVMP—most valuable music provider.

Choose converters that bring sound from your phone to your car radio without wires. Or pick Bluetooth speakers.  Or maybe a car-themed key-chain or clock radio that brings that love for cars to other parts of their lives.

The Right Partner Brings High Satisfaction with High-tech Items

Auto-themed promotional items are winners. But your plans can suffer a breakdown without another “GPS” – Great Partner Service. Superior has nearly 100 years of experience helping businesses operate more efficiently. We have nearly 2,000 trusted vendors to give you the best choices and leave nothing to chance.

We have ISO certification that is a testament to the precision of our process. And our customers have chosen us Best of Print and Digital for three consecutive years.

Check back Tuesday, when we’ll wrap up our series with some auto-related promotional items that are just plain fun. But if you think earning more sales already sounds like fun, contact Superior right now. BOOM! (That’s a little 4th of July preview.)

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