You Won’t Get Their Business If You Don’t Get Their Attention with Promotional Marketing Items!

Running an auto dealership is no small undertaking. It requires complex planning and financial acumen, as well as a great understanding of what customers are seeking. But the most important thing perhaps, is getting those customers in the first place (and keeping them). In this department, there may be no more effective tool than promotional marketing.

Certainly, the automotive manufacturers who make those vehicles face many challenges. We talked about those recently in a two-part series about automotive industry supply chain solutions. But those of you on the retail end face challenges all your own. You have to work very hard to ensure that car shoppers do three things.

First, they must know you and find their way to your dealership. Second, they must purchase their vehicles from you. And finally, even after the sale, they should continue to feel good about the experience, helping to ensure you get the benefit of repeat purchase, service business and great word-of-mouth advertising.

Promotional Marketing Gives Your Dealership a Point of Difference

Promotional marketing items call the right attention to an automotive dealership. The inset below features seven ways to grab and hold the attention of those prospective customers. All are great ways to make sure those passers-by don’t pass you by, and instead stop in to talk.

7 Promotional Marketing Items to Increase Sales at Auto Dealerships

  1. Banners and Flags. Capturing attention indoors and outdoors to help reinforce your brand identity or announce sales.
  2. Economy Retractable Displays. Self-supported standing displays with simple design, available in six sizes. Easily collapsable and movable for many locations around your dealership.
  3. “Sail” Signs. Bright banners that flutter in the breeze to grab drivers’ attention. Many sizes, shapes and styles.
  4. Standard Table Throw. Washable and covers the table on all sides. Great way to draw visitors to where the “action” is once they enter your dealership.
  5. Signicade Deluxe A-Frame. Versatile, weather-resistant and maintenance-free. Great for directional messages or temporary promotional use outdoors.
  6. Showstopper Event Tents. A great hub for hosting an event. Bright colors, thermally imprinted color and images and many accessory options to have those sales “made in the shade.”
  7. Prize Wheel. With 12 customizable prize slots to lure and interact with customers with gifts, service discounts and more. Available in floor and table models. Give sales a spin.

Promotional Marketing with a Personal Touch

The ideas above will help draw plenty of potential buyers into your dealership. But there are literally thousands of other ways that promotional marketing can increase sales at auto dealerships.

Economical giveaways for community events, test-drive premiums, and branded dealership tokens are a good start. But take it further. Impress service customers with protective paper floor mats, key chains, or mirror hangers when they pick up their vehicles. Use your creative imagination—or better yet, ours!

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