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In The Automotive Industry or Just Love Cars? These Top 10 Blogs Should Be On Your Reading List!

There’s a lot of experience and expertise in the blogging world and the automotive industry is no exception. Whether you’re a mechanic, a Tier 1-2-3 automotive supplier, or a car enthusiast there is a lot of material out there for you to absorb, which is why I gathered the best of what’s available in one place – so that you can easily find and enjoy all that car bloggers have to offer.

These are in no particular order because there’s simply too much that’s great to arrange them like that.

Top 10 Blogs for the Automotive Industry

Car Talk: Probably one of the most straightforward car blogs around, Car Talk is also one of the most popular on this list, and there’s a good reason for that. It features frequent articles for experts and newcomers alike. This is one of those rare niche blogs that neither talks down to you nor tries to obfuscate with excessive jargon language.

ProctorCars:This site touts itself as THE magazine for car lovers and enthusiasts and it does not disappoint. It contains many timely and interesting topics and videos on pretty much anything related to cars, with practical how-to instructions on numerous car repair issues and problems.

Jalopnik: Maintenance is one thing, culture is another. And Jalopnik is the first stop destination for anyone in the auto industry who just loves the culture of cars. It’s also a blast to read the articles, since the tone is generally humorous.

YouFixCars: Pulling back again from the aficionado side of car blogging, here’s a blog that offers DIY hints and home maintenance articles for those of you who are familiar or getting familiar with your own vehicles. It can be a great way to start digging into the automotive industry.

All About Automotive: A service site that’s dedicated to giving a little virtual aid before you go and take your car in for an easy and expensive fix. These bloggers don’t have their eyes on your wallet, but they do offer some very practical advice that isn’t popular knowledge.

Popular Mechanics: Your instant source of automotive and other mechanical and tech news, Popular Mechanics is a tough site to click away from. It’s interesting and engaging to more than just those in the auto industry, but if you work with cars, you can’t afford to skip this destination.

AutoBlog: It doesn’t get more straightforward than this. They are all things automotive and that’s it. That’s why you’re here, thought, right? News, stories, mechanical interest articles, sneak peaks…AutoBlog has it all. They are obsessively car-oriented. And that’s a good thing.

National Tool Warehouse: Geared more toward DIY mechanics and the everyday tools it takes to fix your car problems, NTW is your one-stop support guide. It may sound common, but the expertise and advice that this blog has to offer its audience is anything but mundane.

Buy Auto Parts: You guessed it. This is a consumer’s blog that’s designed as a hub for any parts you need. But this isn’t Amazon. Buy Auto Parts is also a robust blog that offers tips and tricks, step-by-step videos and lots more advice. Here’s where you buy the parts you need AND learn how to install them at the same place.

Auto Trends: Auto Trends Magazine tracks car news and educates consumers on the latest products and automotive trends. If you’re neck-deep in the industry and need to keep a close eye on the latest and greatest, this is your daily pilgrimage.

What Did I Miss?

I hope you have enjoyed this list of the top 10 blogs for the automotive industry. It is, of course, only a beginning guide to the amount of industry news and blogs on the Internet, but this is a good start. Let me know what great automotive blogs are on your reading list by leaving a comment below and remember, we are here to help with your automotive industry commodity management of print and your promotional product purchases.

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