Beat The Competition with The Best Automotive Promotional Items That Help Put Safety First

In Tuesday’s post, I mentioned some reasons that automotive-related promotional items are such a hit with customers and prospects. Summer is the time for road trips, so we’ve started a short series on that subject. I’d like to continue it today by focusing on promotional marketing items that offer an extra dose of security to the recipients when they travel.

Driving can be plenty of fun on those summer vacations and getaways. But a car breakdown or mishap can spoil that fun pretty quickly. So your prospects and customers will appreciate receiving a promotional item that might help them through those tricky situations.

5 of The Best Safety Promotional Items for the Car

We offer a wide assortment of automotive safety-related promotional items, but here’s a little preview of some of our favorite choices.

  1. First Aid and Emergency Kits

First Aid and Emergency KitsWhen something happens while you are on the road, you can be miles away from a convenient solution to the problem. The best bet is to have it with you already. We have an incredible selection of options that let you provide that peace of mind to those important to your business.

You can choose a moderately priced first-aid kit with bandages, towelettes, and first-aid cream to help deal with cuts, strings, scratches and more. Or select a more complete kit that has first-aid supplies plus items to enhance safety during a breakdown, like jumper cables, repair guide, and high-visibility reflector triangle all packed in a convenient case.  (And check out all the options in between.) Whatever you choose, your logo will appear front and center.

  1. Automotive Safety Flashlights

custom safety flashlights for carsThis one’s obvious, but in order to be safe, you need to see what you are doing. Provide your employees, customers, and customers-to-be with a dependable flashlight bearing your company name and logo. (They’ll never be happier to see you!)

You can choose many different types. Make your decision based on brightness, compact portability, and other factors. Many (like the one pictured) also serve as an emergency torch or flare that will not only help the recipient see but also but help other drivers (and rescue personnel) see them!

  1. Automotive Safety Gauges

Automotive Guages An amazing number of highway problems are caused by tires. Think about it: it’s the only part of your car that actually touches the road. We offer a great selection of gauges that will help your prospects, customers, and even your employees keep track of their tire pressure, remaining tread depth and more.

They will certainly appreciate you for providing it. A better-informed driver is a happier and safer one. (And a well-cared-for prospect is a “more likely to buy from you” one.)

  1. Ice Scrapers

customized automotive ice scrapers We briefly interrupt our little “love fest” about summer driving for an important reminder: winter will come around again. And unless your prospects live on a tropical Caribbean island, they’ll appreciate an item that’s “there for them” when that happens. And they’ll gratefully see your name on it.

Again, you have nearly endless choices. A small, easy to stow hand ice scraper is a terrific and inexpensive promotional item for trade shows, office visitors and many other applications. Or, gift customers and important prospects with a sturdy combo brush/scraper that will get snow and ice off their windows. (And get them on their way to a business relationship with you.)

  1. Automotive Tool Kits

custom automotive safety tool kits Picture your customer, broken down on the road on a family trip, saying “darn, if only we had an (insert tool here).” Now, picture the smile on his/her face when they realize they do have one; it’s right in the handy auto tool kit you gave them.

Your promotional item choices here range from a single, versatile “do-it-all” tool with many uses to a complete tool kit with screwdrivers, socket wrenches, and other quick-repair necessities. Your customers will log plenty of road miles in the summer, and breakdowns are inevitable. Don’t you want to be the company name on the tool kit that keeps them rolling?

Safety For Your Company Means Choosing the Right Partner

You can get promotional products from many sources, of course. But when you select a partner with the right experience and capabilities, you’re on the right road. You will get better ideas, better quality, and better reliability.

Superior has been helping businesses work more efficiently for nearly 100 years. Our ISO certification ensures that our process is sound and reliable. And three straight Best of Print and Digital awards indicate that our customers benefit from our efforts. Their feedback earned us the awards.

Make sure to come back next week when we’ll discuss more auto-related promotional items, including some that are high-tech, and others that are just plain fun! But if you want to beat the traffic and get the success rolling even sooner, contact Superior today.

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