Here Is Some BIG News in Print-on-Demand to Help Your Business NOW!

I’d like to think I always bring you good information, but today I’m bringing you good news. Print-on-demand, one of the most effective marketing tools I know of, is now available for wide-format print projects.

Print-on-demand is an excellent option because it helps you reduce inventory and get printed pieces where you need them when you need them.

And best of all, it allows you to customize printed pieces to fit the exact opportunity you are pursuing.

You can add, subtract, or change sections based on a customer’s issues and concerns.

Only One Small Problem

That, of course, was the size issue.

The print-on-demand option was only available on small-format print jobs.

That’s great, of course, for things like flyers, brochures, proposals, business cards and the like.

If a piece was more than 18 inches wide, you were out of luck.

Bigger jobs had to be printed the traditional way. That meant printing those jobs in large quantities and storing them in your facility until you needed them. It also meant being stuck with whatever info was printed; no ability to customize sections or update outdated photos or information without reprinting the whole piece.

A Big Opportunity

Thanks to new technologies and equipment, one of our proven partners can now handle automate prepress (print-on-demand) for print projects up to 100 inches wide.

This is unique in the industry and presents many new possibilities.

Now, posters, signage and other wide-format projects can be handled in a print-on-demand delivery model. That gives you the ability to tailor even large pieces for specific uses. And it saves a great deal of time in the printing process. You’ll get your stuff sooner.

Streamline the Process

Here’s how it saves time.

  1. Once you hit approve, the job goes directly to press.
  2. Clients can have a catalog they can use to send projects to print themselves.
  3. Even with the lightning-quick turnaround, you get a proof to approve.
  4. The result? Those two-day jobs can now be turned around the same day.

More Printing Automation=More Savings

With automated prepress coming to wide-format projects, you can now include them in the offerings of your company store.

Designated employees in facilities across your enterprise can order these pieces as needed through an online portal.

If you don’t already have one, it’s worth looking into how to create a company store. Company stores are surging in popularity as more people work from home and managers realize how much time and hassle they save. It was one of eight trends predicted for printing in 2021, as I mentioned in last Thursday’s post.

Trusting Superior is Automatic

So I guess you don’t need to look to “visionaries” to know what’s new and important in printing. Look to us. We’ve been helping businesses add efficiency for almost 100 years.

We can see new technologies coming and make sure our customers benefit. (And more than once, we’ve developed them ourselves.) Credit our ISO certification for some of that. Not to mention our sales reps, who have pleased customers so well we’ve earned Best of Print & Digital awards four straight years. (Soon to be five, I’ll wager.)

Contact Superior or reach out to one of those Superior sales reps I just mentioned. Ask for help in automating your printing. It will get projects into your hands (and customers in the door) a whole lot sooner.

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