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In a few recent posts, I have talked about the value of print-on-demand. We’ve been doing it for a long time and have the experience to know what we’re talking about. That’s important, and my topic today. Here’s why.

Lately, many companies have jumped into the “print-on-demand” ring. They’ve learned they can slap a logo or tag line on a T-shirt or golf ball and boast about “print-on-demand” capabilities. So today I’d like to make sure you understand the difference between “imprinters” and true print-on-demand partners.

What True Print-on-Demand Is…and ISN’T

The companies I mentioned above might be sufficient for an artist who wants to put his photography on tote bags, or for your friend who has a funny idea for a T-shirt. It doesn’t take much experience or expertise to fill a simple order like that.

But if you own or manage a business, print-on-demand is something entirely different; it’s an essential tool that can help your business. For that, you need a partner who knows the territory—and the potential.

1. Print-on-Demand is a Marketing Tool

Print-on-demand allows you to customize marketing materials like brochures, flyers and more. That means you can include the most relevant, sale-clinching text and pictures for a customer or groups of customers. (You might say it’s a creative tool, too.)

This can happen manually, or even “on the fly” based on input prospects or customers provide on your website or in response to an email or other communication. When they get the right answers, chosen specifically to match their interests, a sale is much closer.

2. Print-on-Demand is a Branding Tool

Those marketing materials make your brand look much more elegant and responsive by making your company appear focused and responsive. But print-on-demand helps your brand look better, literally, with a consistent, quality look for all your materials, and the right promotional products carrying your logo.

A good print-on-demand partner will help you choose the right items for your needs, whether for a trade show giveaway, a marketing project, holiday or employee gifts and more. A quality item, well chosen for your audience, will make a positive statement about your brand whenever it’s used.

3. Print-on-Demand is a Financial Tool

When you print on a primarily “as needed” basis, you avoid unnecessary expense. No need to devote valuable storage space to corporate brochures or folders, since you no longer must print them in huge quantities for cost efficiency.

And those printed forms you use every day in your business, perhaps across many offices? Print-on-demand allows you to designate many employees to order forms and promotional products as needed through an advanced e-procurement tool, such as our Corporate Kiosk™. That saves you money in several ways.

Saves Employee Time. No need for multiple employees in different offices or departments to waste time duplicating efforts to get the same form printed each time. They can just order the form as needed through an online portal, already approved and stored.
Controls Costs. Prevents “rogue” cost spikes since it’s all arranged in advance through a single partner.
Provides More Options. A quality print-on-demand partner like Superior has a huge network of print and promotional product sources—nearly 2,000. That means you get the best prices, the most reliable quality, and the most dependable delivery on your projects.

Demand the Best in Print-on-Demand

To get the best results from all that print-on-demand has to offer, don’t look to a random website. Put your business in the hands of a trusted partner who has nearly 100 years’ experience in helping businesses run more efficiently. In other words, contact Superior today.

Our processes are ISO certified, so you can be sure you will get the best customer-focused treatment. Our current customers have helped us earn three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards through their positive feedback on our work for them.

Whether your needs include quality, compelling marketing materials, business forms or promotional products, you can’t choose a better partner. We’ll help you get the best results from print-on-demand or any other printing need. If it has ink on it, it should have Superior behind it. For your business’ sake.

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