Look In Here for What’s Going On Out There!

Okay, just a little warning: I am pumped, excited, and invigorated today. Why? Well, we just had our annual sales meeting, where we listened to some incredible and inspiring vendors present to us.

They told us about the trends they are seeing emerge in the print and promo industry. Today, I’d like to share some important ones involving print and print management with you.

What’s Popping in Print

  1. Decreasing Turn Times

Speed is ever-more important. Suppliers are automating as much as possible. Information is being communicated to clients in real time. “Maybe by Thursday” is being replaced by “Now is good!”

The prepress process is being automated, with jobs going straight to press after nearly “instant” online proofing.  Jobs just come out faster, and clients are expecting it.

  1. Short-run Custom Packaging

Massive quantities don’t happen as often, and they don’t need to. Clients can identify smaller, focused customer groups and mail directly to them. (Examples: promotional kits sent to 50-150 new hires, or a creative promotional packet to 75 exceptional prospects.)

  1. Tremendous Demand for COVID Signage

It’s not going away; it remains a huge market. Everywhere you look, there are floor decals and signage for walls, desks, restrooms instructing employees and customers in 5proper protocols and point them to sanitizing stations, etc.

  1. Keeping Raw Materials Ready

Raw stock and supplies are harder to get, driving prices up. Our smart partners have already increased the inventory on hand to help protect them in disaster situations. It’s wise to protect your business by staying ready and able to print an order for the highest efficiency.

  1. Working Overtime on Weekends

Clients need to remain nimble and responsive to their customers, so they are placing printing orders every day of the week (yes even weekends) and at any time of day (or night). That requires having workers ready to fulfill those orders. Providers need to have (or quickly develop) systems to deal with the increased pressure.

  1. Some Large Producers Are Struggling

Bigger isn’t always better in this industry.  Many larger producers did not plan for the current situation. Thus, they are now suffering from a lack of raw inventory and even a lack of workers, as many employees were laid off but are now skeptical of returning to work. Customers receive less-than-optimal service, threatening even long, loyal relationships.

  1. Virtual Company Stores Thriving

As more people work from home, getting materials to them (and from them to customers) can be a challenge. Companies find great value and efficiencies when they create a company store accessed through an online portal.

The Company Store greatly simplifies the ordering and fulfillment of PPE, print and marketing materials. There is no better way to ensure that employees in multiple locations or far-flung departments will be able to access the printed pieces and promotional items you’ve approved. And accounting will be thrilled with the cost efficiency and consistency.

  1. Growth of Wide-format POD

Print-on-demand has taken off in recent years. As a more efficient way to provide focused materials as needed for use with customers. But the new trend here is in the ability to use POD for wide-format printing, as well.

No longer just for standard-sized forms and sell sheets, POD can now tackle large items like banners, yard signs, window clings, posters and much more.

Why Is This Man (Me) Smiling?

So why do these trends make me so excited? Easy. Because at Superior, we’re ahead of the game. I almost grinned when I saw these trends, since they are nothing new to us.

We can handle it all and save you time and money in the process.

Look how we can respond to just some of the issues above!

  • We have nearly 100 years’ experience at helping businesses run more efficiently. We know how to turn around orders with blazing speed. Sure, we burn the midnight oil when necessary, but it usually isn’t. Our technologies and approach, along with our ISO certification, ensure that our customers do indeed get excellent service.
  • Corporate Kiosk™, our proprietary technology, was built to provide you the customer service you deserve. Print materials or promotional items preapproved by you and ready to order by authorized employees working in far-flung branches or remotely at home.
  • We’re a large provider, but hardly struggling. We are one of the top print management firms in the United States serving Canada and Mexico. And with our vast network of qualified providers, we can handle any “trendy” printing need like wide-format and short-run custom packaging.

Also Trending Up—Us!

Oh, and there’s another reason I’m feeling so positive today. You know I love to mention our four consecutive “Best of Print and Digital” awards. Well, soon we’re not going to be able to say that anymore.

That’s because I think soon we’ll have to change it–to winning FIVE consecutive Best of Print & Digital awards. I’m pumped because I’m proud.

This award is not an opinion, or from companies with anything to gain by it. It’s based on independent research using responses from the people who really know and experience our service—our customers

Contact Superior or reach out to your Superior sales rep today. Ask us for help with your print management that will save you money and increase your efficiency in 2021. It’s going to be a great year – don’t miss out.

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