Round Up a Scattered Audience with Print

I’d like to start today’s post with a quote:

“People in the USA consume much more media today than ever — but it’s ever-more-fractured and granular bits of content across ever more fragmented devices and channels.”

I discovered it in a MediaPost article about the audience fragmentation problem marketers face today. And I think it summarizes pretty well the first advantage I mentioned last week when I introduced this series on the features of print marketing. You need to diversify your marketing to succeed.

The Digital Disappearing Act

Some marketers today think that target audiences, especially the most desirable ones, have fled to the land of digital and social media. The new channels flooding that landscape seemingly every day help reinforce that thinking.

But this line of reasoning has a couple of flaws. Let’s expose them.

  1. Which Is the Right Rabbit Hole?

Even if your prospects were living only digital lives, how would you find them? With the number of options available, you couldn’t possibly cover enough of them to make sure you are reaching your prospects successfully. Platforms come and go, and their popularity ebbs and flows. Yesterday’s “go-to” channel is abandoned today. And something new comes tomorrow.

You can diversify as much as possible across that new media landscape, but do you know which channels are best? If you email a prospect, you might be deleted as spam. If you bother them on social media, you may be regarded as an intrusion. And the most likely scenario is that you’ll miss them, anyway.

  1. People Use Print to Make Buying Decisions

Today’s consumers use social media for conversation and interaction. And to be sure, they use it for gathering information and opinions prior to a possible purchase. But they don’t do the buying on social media. That’s where print marketing comes into play.

As I mentioned last week, even millennials like and depend upon print marketing materials to finalize purchase decisions. They look forward to catalogs, use coupons and retail flyers, and purchase items based on printed direct mail pieces they receive.

Include Print for a Diversified—and Successful—Marketing Plan

With today’s audiences getting their information from so many sources, diversification in your marketing only makes sense. But it must certainly include print. For many prospects print is the most effective channel—and the most trusted when it’s time to pull the purchase trigger.

“Plus” Your Plans with Print

If print marketing is missing from your plans, so are many of your best prospects. Change that. Superior can help you boost those plans with print. That’s not a fuzzy claim. Our ISO certification is your assurance that our systems and processes really are designed and followed to make a difference for our customers.

How much difference? Well, our customers just voted us a “Best of Print and Digital” award for the second straight year. That says something. We’ve been helping customers grow their businesses for nearly 100 years now. Contact Superior today for a free print marketing consultation. Find out how putting print in your marketing can turn more prospects into customers.

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